Fighting for Justice for my son
First i haven't the words to say how much the messages of support from people here and in Facebook are keeping us going.
For those of you who have been following Alan and my fight,ive been too upset to post here but am now ok, and i feel i owe you an explanation of the latest events .
What happened last week when Alan's appeal failed is a disgrace to Ghanaian Justice and a flaunting of Human Rights.

Alan was originally convicted on two charges; Possession and Conspiracy
Conspiracy, was for allegedly making a cupboard in my brothers house where the cocaine was stored.
Possession, this was for allegedly handling the cocaine,bringing it from the beach and helping to load and unload it into my brothers house.
The police had a witness who picked Alan out in a line up as being with others on the beach.
Alan wasn't in Ghana when this crime was committed and he gave evidence at the trial with his boarding card his flight tickets and his passport stamp. They were disregarded in the summing up.
My brothers maid ..another police witness lied when she said she had seen Alan making the cupboard... as the cupboard was made when the house was built as part of the bathroom, years ago.

We have been fighting for a new appeal for the last two years. his first appeal failed, the lawyer didn't file another appeal and allowed the time to lapse. His other two clients had been acquitted as they proved they were not in Ghana at the time of the offence.One of the men had a disco in Spain and a shipping business in Gibraltor, and also had business connections with South America. The two of them had been staying in my brothers house for some months and had left Ghana for the Xmas holiday.they paid the lawyer a substantial fee, and afterwards this lawyer abandoned Alan, as we didn't have money for him.
İ found a decent lawyer two years ago who fought for Alan's right to appeal. (for a small fee)
We thought he would be going home last Tuesday, instead he lost his appeal.
They accepted that he wasn't there, as once again the flight ticket and boarding pass was produced ...his passport has been stolen, ... they acknowledged the Police Witness was mistaken.
Because of this they then changed the original charges and dropped the conspiracy charge..that he had made the cupboard, and changed the possession charge.. that he was on the beach...
now they said he was in possession because he was in the house where the cocaine was , therefore he must have known it was in the cupboard.
The cupboard in fact was boarded up by a huge mirror instead of a door, so there was no access to this cupboard when my son arrived at the house.

At the moment Alan is devastated, and shocked.His lawyer is really angry and will speak to the Chief Justice about it although even she has no power to overturn the Judges decision
The worst part is that out of the original seven man absconded, two or them won their appeal and went free two years ago
My brother and two others appealed against their sentence which has been reduced from 20 years to 15 less time served and remission down to 8 years...
and my son..the only one who really wasn't involved is still facing 20 years, and is in poor health.
İ believe it is illegal to change or alter the original charges in the way that the Judges have done..they altered the goalposts, to uphold the conviction on what they imagine happened.
Judges shouldn't be able to destroy a persons life on what they believe may or may not have happened, there has to be definite proof.
There is nothing to tie Alan in with my brother's and the other men's crime.
İ will be asking the FCO to investigate this as a Miscarriage of Justice.
İn the meantime if anybody knows what else i can do i would be glad to hear from you.
Thanks once again folks for all your supportive messages and posts on the forum.


Fighting for Justice for my son
My heart goes out to you and your family.

I'm sure that you already know all of this, but this organisation may worth a look if you haven't already?
Prisoners Abroad: British Prisoners Overseas

I know that you live in Turkey, but what about lobbying your MP in Britain to take the case up with the FCO?

Do you know of anyone in the British consulate in Turkey who may be able to advise you?
Fighting for Justice for my son
Hi Shirley
Thank you for that detailed message and like you,I am speechless that such a ridiculous legal system still exists in the world that can do this.
You have our full support in whatever further pressure you would like applied.

From a personal point of view, if it was my son,I would be thinking going on the attack in any way possible. You cant beat publicity with the general public via the media or using placards or chaining yourself to bloody railings outside the Foreign Office.
Any extreme stuff like this attracts the media and what does that lead to?
Gaz is doing a fantastic job with his group on Facebook but now its BLOODY WAR in any way possible,isnt it
People have got to know whats happening in any way possible and the last resort is all out publicity to bring this to people outside Facebook and the ordinary man in the street because I knew nothing about it before I joined Facebook.

Sorry Shirley,perhaps anger makes you think of daft stunts and things which arent the right action.
I wish you all the best as you are being very focused and supportive in your actions which is brilliant and probably best for Alan
I would have really lost the plot after this recent farce and reacted by doing stupid things to draw attention to it. Got myself arrested I reckon !!

Take care ,keep positive,write to the bloody Queen if you have to and buy a big chain with a huge lock!!!

Lots of love


Fighting for Justice for my son
Good grief! I haven't been a member here at TLF for long,so have only just learned of this. How dreadful for you.

I don't have any useful advice to offer you bit Firebrand's suggestion seems sound.

Goodness knows how you cope with this.........I'm still in shock.



Fighting for Justice for my son
Hi Shirley,

You my thoughts are always with you and Alan, this latest episode is a disgrace and it is obvious your Alan is being used a scapegoat.

I don;t suppose that another appeal for a repeal is going to be allowed but surely you should be able to get support from the foreign office for him to be brought home to serve his sentence under ill health.

A humans right lawyer in the UK may take up the case, write to Cherie Blair.

Whatever plan of action you decide on , do let us know so we can join in

Take care Shirley.

Eve x


Fighting for Justice for my son
Shirley have p.m.d you with e mail address and phone number as promised.
Willy at the British Consulate in Izmir is very helpfull dont know if he might be able to point you in some directions.

Hugs Maggie British Consulate
1442 Sokak No 49
PK 300 Izmir
Telephone: (00) (90) (232) 463 5151
Facsimile: (00) (90) (232) 465 0858
e-mail: (check Firecrest for individuals)
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Fighting for Justice for my son
Shirley, you have been in thoughts constantly. my sister and I, have discussed this at great detail, we have talked to our friends about what we could do.
we have friends who are journalists here, one of my oldest and dearest friends husband is a journalist of some note and is a pulitzer prize winner, I havent talked to him yet, but will send out the email and some background about my close friendship with you............ we are starting a campaign to get the word out. I just copied and pasted your post and am sending out to all my friends, and my friends will send to their friends, and we will start a ripple effect. something has to be done. this cannot happen.
Last night there was a documentary on TV, one of the prime channels, OBAMA WAS JUST THERE, NOW, you know the memory is going....but i think it was in ghana where the slaves were kept before they were shipped off to the new world (i just found out that it was the ROYAL FAMILY that made the money on that deal, it was just us americans who bought them...) and yes, the plantations made meoney off them, and yes they were treated inhumanely, and yes, it is a big stigma on our history. but it was the africans themselves who first started the trade.....anyway, thats my bt about that.

anyway, they documentary and Im pretty sure it was ghana, i missed the first part. but the showed the holding cells, it was appaling.

NOW IS THE TIME TO GET THIS OUT IN MY COUNTRY, on the heels of OBAMAS historic trip.

IF we all send this around, and you guys start sending it to the media and what not......can you just imagine the 'RIPPLE EFFECT????????"

DO YOU ALL REMEMBER THE first time you read the email about the women in afghanistan and what the taliban was doing, and the whole BURKA THING??? how many times did you get that email? i got it several times from completely different sources.

this is what I am doing from this side, and i am soooooo committed to it.
I have good feeling shirley, dont despair. just keep your angryness and be positive.

I will keep you informed (personally) on what all i do, and will forward any correspondence to you.



ex Bond Girl
Fighting for Justice for my son
Dear Shirley,
Could not believe the news but one must fight on and eventually win. Of course bombard anyone and everyone and keep doing so never be afraid that you might be becoming a pest in fact that would be good. Think up things and let us know so that we can join you in your fight.
Just a thought have you (and I am sure you have) tried appealing to the president of Ghana John Atta Mills. I understand that his background is law and that he taught it for nearly 25 years.
I could chain myself to some railings I have enough fat to last for at least a month without food. Trouble is railings in Turkey will not have the same impact.
Chin up we are with you just ask and you shall receive.
Love Jill and Colin


Fighting for Justice for my son
Have you tried contacting Amnesty International? They may take the fight on with you to get justice.

Copied and pasted from their web site. Amnesty International - working to protect human rights worldwide

Our purpose
We are ordinary people from around the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Our purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.
Fighting for Justice for my son
Hi Shirley

I have copied and pasted the main Facebook articles and your response on to an email and have sent them to :-
President Mills of Ghana,s main email address , plus 3 or 4 Ghana websites, Amnesty, Reuters, News24 and will see what response I get.
It was all under my name and email address so dont worry ok.
Worth a try hun

Hi Pebs
The ripple effect is a good idea and I will send it to all my business contacts today.
Good thinking girl!!
Yes Obama has just been to Ghana so lets sock it to them! (I am a poet!!"

Ps the site emails have all gone but there was a failure on which is supposed to be Mr Mill,s personal email!!
Thats a fat lot of good as a president!!! Anyone know of the correct one?
Just received Pebble,s round robin and mine will go out today.
x Tel
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Fighting for Justice for my son
Just copied and pasted info and sent to sky news dont know if it will help who knows we can but try.

Hugs Maggie xxx


Fighting for Justice for my son
This is too sad for words, I hope Alan, you and the rest of the family manage to get some justice and get him home soon. x


Fighting for Justice for my son
Shirl, It was ghana that that all took place in. I have sent the email out, and now if we can all bombard the media and what not. lets share the adresses of the government agencies, amnesty international and what not so that they get bombarded.

shall i post my email, if you like and people can copy and paste whatever part they like.




Fighting for Justice for my son
Was going to start the e- petition off but you have to be a U.K. resident come on someone get this ball rolling.

Hugs Maggie xxx
Fighting for Justice for my son
Hi Shirley, I had been wondering how things were going with you and your son. I can only say that I'm thinking of you both, and hoping for a 'just' outcome for him.

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