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From ZAMAN newspaper:

Turkey takes closer look at resettled foreigners in Fethiye

In-depth research is being conducted on the makeup of Turkey’s growing foreign population residing in the popular Mediterranean resort city of Fethiye.

Conducted by the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce (FTO) and Muğla University, the data will indicate what foreigners in Turkey wear, eat, which brand of water they drink and how they pray. It will indicate why they chose Turkey and what the areas they live in lack.
Thanks to a change in real estate laws, foreigners have begun to rapidly acquire property in Turkey, especially in tourist areas. In Antalya’s city of Alanya there are 4,000 foreign residents (almost 2,000 of them German) and in Fethiye there are 5,000 foreign residents (mostly British).

Fethiye is launching a research project on this foreign population titled “Domiciled Foreigner Profiles and their Economic Contribution to the Region,” which will analyze the economic and socio-cultural effects of foreign residents in the area.

The project will first determine the profiles of the almost 5,000 foreigners living in Fethiye. The results of this work, to be done by a team of 30 over the course of nine months, will come out in November. The team will produce a research skeleton by survey questions in English and German that consists of questions regarding the gender and education of the foreigners, reasons for preferring Turkey, their period of acquiring the estate and consumption and spending habits.

Explaining that Fethiye is seen as popular magnet for British expatriates, FTO Chairman and project head Akif Arıcan said foreigners are rapidly acquiring more real estate.

“The aim of this project is to explain the interaction between Fethiye and the foreigners migrating to Fethiye. The focus of this research is that the economic effect is larger than the socio-cultural effect. Then we will analyze the reasons for acquiring a residence here and their effect on the real estate sector. One of the main issues of this project is to determine whether these people who resettled here, who were primarily investors in the beginning, kept up their investments after resettling. If not, our aim is to research the reasons for it.

“What do these people eat here? Can they easily eat and drink our Turkish products? Also we need additional data about how many days in a week they eat outside, which type of restaurants they prefer and whether they shop or not. The aim of the project is strengthening the bond between Turks and foreigners that came here and settled. By discovering the expectations and profiles of these domiciled foreigners in Fethiye, we will deal with the interaction of this relationship. Taking into consideration the unique values instead of attaining the unreasonable attitude toward foreign investors, with this project we will try to find the answer to the question of how we can create a healthier relationship with ‘the other,’ which is another significant point of this project.”

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