Fethiye police give free helmets to motorcyclists
As highlighted by the Land of Lights and Kalkan news.

The Jandarma were out and about yesterday, promoting road safety for scooter and motorbike riders.

Working with Fethiye Honda retailer, Kıvrak Motor, they set up check points in Kalkan, Kınık and Çavdır, looking out for riders who were not wearing crash helmets.

But instead of handing out fines, they were giving away helmets - much to the surprise (and relief) of the riders who were stopped.

In total, 200 helmets were given out yesterday, so that's potentially 200 people who have a better chance of not getting a serious head injury, if they are involved in a road traffic incident.

The Jandarma Commander from Kaş, Murat Aydın was joined by the owner of Kıvrak Motor, Ali Kıvrak, as they personally handed out the helmets.


Grey wisdom
Fethiye police give free helmets to motorcyclists
They won't use them until the autumn when their elbows start getting cold.IMHO they should have confiscated the bikes until they went to buy a helmet and return with it.

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