I am just putting out feelers for accommodation for next summer. I have visitors from Finland, Germany and Italy. Three families with 2 adults per family and various children aged from babies to late teens and early 20's. Possibly 2 more adults. It is a mammoth task as they are still looking at flights and trying to decide on dates. It could be around the first 2 weeks of August.
Anyway I might be able to accommodate some at my house and have a few ideas for other accommodation but I need to look at all options. They need to be within walking distance of my house in Ozbel, the price must be realistic, accommodation must be clean and comfortable. A pool is not important as they can use mine. It would be good if we can either find a large house to accommodate them all or several smaller houses or flats near each other.
Anyone in Datca who thinks they have suitable accommodation please contact me but please note it will be a few more weeks until we are able to make a firm booking.

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