FCO Locate
Are you a BRITISH national? Use our LOCATE online service to tell us where you are travelling to so that our consular staff can find you and provide assistance in an emergency such as an earthquake or terrorist attack:
Its good and will cover you for 365 days each year.


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FCO Locate
In my view its just another way of keeping tabs on people , Big Brother again
Also if you are on a pension and its topped up with pension credit the credit gets stopped if your away from home = Holiday. Even worse those who get thier houseing benifit and poll tax paid are Not allowed to leave the property unless you inform the houseing benifit , I'm talking about oap's , So this is a good way to spy on anyone over 60 , and many women over 60 enjoy a little break in the sun , This happened to a naighbour last year , She went to spain by car with her daughter for a week plus the week driveing and sight seeing , But when she returned she had to pay 2wks rent ect ect ..........Diane

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FCO Locate
There's another thread with this website on (FCO), KKOB's thomas cook thread. So it looks like after trying to get everyone to apply voluntarily, they now are forcing you to tell them exactly where you are . 1-The excuse of "we can tell relatives etc, in case of an emergency" doesn't wash with me,(anyone find any cases where they have actually helped?) 2-if they are as good at doing all that as they appear to be about getting residency permits back to a reasonable price that says it all.

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