favourite restaurants & Bars
Just out of interest what is your favourite restaurant and bar? And why? is it price, food, service, location, or its different than that you'd get back home/ Its just to see what everyone likes? I want to explore the different restaurants and the different flavours of turkey. Thanks :thanks:

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favourite restaurants & Bars
A Touch of Class near second beach , excellent food , no rip off prices good service and atmosphere , good for people watching (if you are into that)
Golf bar , again, good food
Sunshine bar , good atmosphere , as is The Vista next door , both good for people watching too
Shooting Star bar , good prices and varied acts on, also barbeque nights
U2 bar on Marina road good food
Also have heard good reviews about Faruks bar, also on Marina rd but not been there yet

Circus on Ataturk blvd up on right hand side
Deli-cious down side st near golf bar , excellent cakes etc
The Wiganer , huge glasses of wine , lots of expats
The Blue restaurant in Yesilkent (they do pick up) , excellent meals and atmosphere , good quiz nights if you like the occasional quiz

These will no doubt be added to by others
I haven't even mentioned the restaurants up in the town, or on the front, you will have ample choice

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favourite restaurants & Bars
Just a few of the ones I like:

The Lounge bar (off Ege Road) is good - good atmosphere, nice staff and great food. It has a nice selection of Turkish dishes as well.

The Regency Restaurant (also off Ege Road) - linked with The Lounge, it does fantastic curries.

Ambience (Just down the road from the Meryem Ana Hotel) - very nice food, especially the meatballs and the chicken skewers.

Not a big fan of the Wiganer though. Being from Wigan myself, I had high hopes for this place, but found it super clique-y. It appeared to be inhabited by a lot of bitter, moaning ex-pats. (Not sure whether this is usually the case - hopefully I caught it on a bad night). Plus, I was the only Wiganer in there!


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favourite restaurants & Bars
Our favourite bars are Chill Out, Taxim, Sky Bar (for football not when the oi oi boys are on) & Karasoy


favourite restaurants & Bars
Bars - Chill Out, Shooting Star Bar and Sunshine.
Restaurants - Mola on Attaturk Blvd, Waterwheel, both great food at a reasonable price Kamaci 2011 - bit pricey but a fantastic setting - all have great people there!!

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