FAQ'S (taken from Hisaronu The Forum Facebook site)
1/ what is the exchange rate? a/ three Dido's to one KitKat or two camels for one wife if you're a high roller.
2/ what's the best restaurant? a/ the one where you walk out , do a huge burp and say " by fekk that's the best meal I've ever had"
3/ what's the worst restaurant? a/ the one that's empty and looks crap
4/ how much is an efes? a/ about a pint , unless you ask for a small one
5/ what's the temperature at this time of year? a/ fekkin hot
6/ where do dolmus' run? a/ everywhere over everything and anyone
7/ how much is a taxi to Fethiye? a/ high roller eh? Good luck getting those camels into the back seat.
8/ how much money will we need for a family of four , self catering for two weeks in an average hotel? a/ lots.
9/ how long does it take to walk from Ovacik to Hisaronu? a/ depends on how many pubs you stop at.
10/ what's the best way to combat mosquito's? a/ holiday in Greenland
11/ I love Turkey and all its wonders, where can I get the best fish and chips? a/ Anstruther
12/ are there any fruit machines? a/ yes, their called trees.
13/ thinking of getting married in Turkey , anyone know how much it will cost me? a/ every penny you earn for the rest of your life.
14/ where's the best place to get a tattoo? a/ a tattoo parlour
15/ my wife is an animal lover and likes to pat the dogs but I'm worried about the fleas? a/ don't worry the dog will be perfectly safe.
16/ is the water safe to drink? a/ boiling is advised although probably not the ice cubes.
17/ we are thinking of buying a house in Turkey , is it complicated? a/ yes
18/ is it safe to dive into a pool first thing in the morning? a/ only if there's water in it.
19/ are the locals friendly? a/ yes , only very few practise cannibalism these days.
20/ can I still watch my soaps? a/ yes , as long as you stay at home.


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