famous Antakya biscuits
theres a biscuit known as Antakya kömbesi (a kömbe is a pie ) and i think every woman in Antakya makes these biscuits.
İ had a new batch sent to me yesterday from Antakya(came on the bus with loads of other lovely stuff :help:im trying to diet

for those of you into biscuit making or want to have a go here's the recipe

the spices used can be found in combination in Hatay but ive never seen them elsewhere so you can add some or all in the recipe here

the shape of the biscuits comes from a mould/ kalıp this is a very traditional shape (Kömbe Kalıbı) and ive put some pics for you to see..you can buy them on line from Hatay they cost about 10 lira and last a lifetime i havent seen any around Alanya but you may have seen some elsewhere.

these biscuits keep a long time and you can also freeze them.

this recipe is one of the easiest as most women dont use set quantities they measure with a different sizes of glasses depending on the quantity they want

here we go...and also a bit of a Turkish lesson too hah

50 gram erişim tereyağ 50 grams of melted butter

25 gram zeyinyağ 25 grams olive oil

25 gram su 25 grms water (can be 50/50 water/milk

60 gram toz şeker 60 grms sugar

1 paket kabartma tozu packet of baking powder

1 paket vanilya packet of vanilla

1 tatlı kaşığı kömbe baharatı zencefil, tarçın, yenibahar, karanfil

desert spoon of kömbe spices..these are mixed ginger cinnamon all spice cloves (ps not a desert spoon each but mix them together to fill a desert spoon)

istenirse üzeri için susam if you want you can coat the top with susam seeds

aldığı kadar un add as much flour as it takes to make a soft dough mixture

you can combine all the ingredients and knead by hand ..or use a dough mixer..

when the dough is ready

hamurdan bir parça kopartılır ve kömbe kalıbının içine bastırılır.
break pieces off the dough and press into the mould.

Eğer üzerinde susam isterseniz kalıba önce susam dökün daha sonra hamuru bastırın.
if you want to have susam on the top before you put the dough in the mould dip the top part into susam (which you should have ready in a little bowl

Kalıbı ters çevirip tezgana vurun ve içinden şekil almış olan kömbeyi çıkartın..
turn the mould over and tap it ın the work surface so the shaped biscuit will come out.

Bu şekilde hazırlanmış olan kömbeleri yağlanmış olan tepsiye dizin.

in this way when the biscuits are all ready place them on a greased baking tray

175 derece ısıtılmış olan fırında pişirin.
cook in a oven at 175 degrees

i dont know how long for so keep an eye on them

the ones in the pic dont have susam on them

afiyet olsun :kiss:


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Freedom 49

No fun if it's too easy!
famous Antakya biscuits
These biscuits are really tastey!
For those of you that don't particularly like spices, or can't eat spices, substitute the spoonfull of mixed spices with a spoonfull of instant coffee or a spoonfull of chocolate powder.

Not the full Antakya Mackoy, very good all the same. :)


famous Antakya biscuits
Look lovely Shirley! Save me one lol!X

Ha Ha Debbie I was there yesterday when Altan brought them, they are truly delicious.
We had a little feast with all the lovely food that was sent from Antakya.

Beyazbayan tried to leave with a big jar of the biscuits under her blouse, sorry Onia you had your fair share without taking the whole jar He He.:nono:
famous Antakya biscuits
we missed the stuffed peppers though...didnt find them 'til later

yes May..thats the quickest nine months growth ive ever seen

debbie theres a couple hidden just for you kid.
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famous Antakya biscuits
I love these biscuits. i helped make and eat them while i was in Iskenderun. It seemed like anyone that popped, in sat down and joined in the making of them.

Thanks for recipe....i'll have go making them myself....surprise husband

famous Antakya biscuits
Shirley the Antaikaians have pick this recipe from the Lebanese as this biscuit rather like your short bread biscuits.

The wooden malet spoon is sold in all Middle eastern shops in London along side the Falafel brass shaper.


Mamoul, Maamoul Recipe - How to Make Mamoul, Maamoul

non non mon ami c'est le biscuit Antakya...maybe Lebanese took it from them

n any case mamou is a filled pastry..Antkaya kömbe have no filling


Jesus Loves You
famous Antakya biscuits
Bon Nuit Mo Tunt Shirley Cas ques pass ajouradjui, Vous connaise Ja paurle Fronsise Bein, Mais Ja Ecrie Pas normalmont.

I am going to Make this for Camila & Joanna soon.

A Bienoit Ja Spare

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