False rape accusation
My cousin's ex husband was a victim of false claims of sexual assault on two teenage schoolgirls. He had a psv licence to supplement his main trade of stonemason and used to drive a school bus.

They lived in a fairly small town in Yorkshire and suddenly he and his wife found themselves being ignored and avoided. Then he was arrested and after an appearance in the Magistrates' Court was committed for trial in Crown Court. Neighbours spat at him.

Under cross examination in Crown Court one of the girls admitted that they had made it up; he had told them off on the bus one day for running up and down the moving bus and they did it to get their own back, not realising it would get as far as it did by which time it was too late to withdraw their allegations.

My cousin and her husband's lives were irreparably damaged.


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False rape accusation
A friend of mine was accused of rape by a girl from our local pub when he spurned her, he told her she was ugly and there was no chance, he was locked up for 24 hours until she admitted it.



False rape accusation
It is dreadful if people make up false allegations about rape, it does destroy lives.
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