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False Judgement
Just wondered how others would view someone,by judging what they assume.
I have seen this type of behaviour often,where the person is drinking out of a soft drink tin and think nothing of it as being a non alcoholic drink.Where in some cases they buy the drink half empty it and fill it with alcohol,giving the impression as something that is not.

This is something l have never seen,but probably will be judged straight away as something that is not.A person buys a bottle of vodka and empties it thoroughly,fills it up with water and starts drinking it in public.What would your thoughts be towards that person.
It is natural to pass judgement on someone,but it is not right to label that person something he is not,whether he is drinking out of a bottle of vodka or a soda tin.
And before anyone asks,No l am not guilty of what is mentioned above.All l want to know is how you view the two as.
Would you view it as a possibility the drink could be contaminated,by looking at his behaviour.And would you view the person that is drinking out of the bottle of vodka as a alcoholic even though he is not giving out any signs of peculiar behaviour.


False Judgement
Putting it that way Bob Yes I think everyone would assume note the way I say assume.!!!!!
that the person in question was drinking a bottle of vodka not a bottle of water.

I must say I am quilty of perhaps drinking a can of coke half way down and then filling the can with a spirit of somesort.Only coz Im too lazy to get a glass.!!!

Shows how in many cases we jump to conclusions thro life about different things without knowing the truth.!!!

See you on the sea front in half an hour Ill bring the coke you bring the Vodka bottle lol .

Hugs Maggie xx


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False Judgement
I was judge as an extreme alcoholic once,when l ran out of the proper glasses to use for apple juice.
Normally for this type of drink would go in a tumbler,but all l had at the time were glasses designed for shorts.l poured the apple juice in the glass and sat outside drinking and savouring the freshness from the glass.l finished it quickly and poured myself another one,always to the brim.But this time l drank it slowly.
I couldn't’t help but notice a person sitting at the post office talking to someone next to him while looking at me.l thought nothing of it and just carried on drinking the apple juice.l finished that one and filled up the glass again to the same amount as before.
I started drinking this as well when l noticed them approaching me.When they were at my boundary wall they said to me why are you drinking so much.l said ,because l am thirsty and love the taste of this drink.They said it won’t do you any good drinking that amount.Of course it would do me good,since this drink has medicimal ingredients in it.

At this point they really baffled me,when they said it makes you go loopy in the heat.”What in Gods name are you talking about”.Apple juice is more likely to relax one then to make me go loopy.”Oh”,they say,That’s apple juice your drinking,,”yeeeess”l said,”what”! you thought this was whiskey.”Yes”they said and apologized for their mistake.
They realized what prats they were and said is their anything we can do for you to forgive us.”well” since you put it this way,l said buy ma a bottle of pure malt whiskey and we will forget about it.Which they returned later with the whiskey and handed it to me.
Off they went to the post office waiting in the cue,while l opened the whiskey and filled up the glass and started to drink it outside in full view of the people waiting at the post office,knowing now they think they are looking at a person drinking apple juice,when in fact l am drinking that free whiskey,due to a miscarriage judgement.
False judgement does have it’s benefits

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