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Fake News.
Tell that to the Belarus activists fighting a Dictator arrested rounded up and in some cases died because of Assange's file dump also NATO Afghani Translators that died, or families attacked due to Assange's irresponsibility, in dumping uncensored Wiki leak files ...

Whistle blowing still holds responsibility something Assange didn't learn ,even when Human Rights Groups pleaded with Assange not to dump totally uncensored files, which inc ... names, villages, relatives' names ,even precise GPS locations of Afghans translators with NATO forces. Which could have and was accessed easily from the uncensored files released by Assange in the WikiLeaks dump both relating to Belarus and Afghanistan . Leading to possible Dictators like Belarus Lukashenko, Taliban ,ISIS and Al Qaeda retribution ... His act then, lead to many Wiki Staff and activists parting their way from Assange and leave the Whistleblowing fight ..... Assange world wide fame and notoriety means more to him....
Your above comment from

Seems to infer you recognise the responsibility implied in exercising freedom of speech...
when it is in the interests of your paymasters in the deep state...

But you are prepared to completely disregard such responsibility by distorting and
supporting 5 years of fake fabricated news on the Flynn Frameup, Impeachment, Ukraine Gate, Obama Gate, Hunters Laptop, and Election fraud...
when it is in the interests of your paymasters in the deep state...

Sacrificing free speech and a free and fair press is obviously easily worth the price of a few pennies in the pocket...
for shameless Trolls posting under the name Camden...


Fake News.
Yes it is the way it works Camden Troll,
And you using standard Troll tactics of mis-direction and obfuscation doesnt change that fact...
That you only support the agenda of your paymasters,
in the policiticised propgandised prostituted press,
perpetrating their perception managment activities on forums like this,
and not free speech or a free and fair press..
and the proof is in your utter un-restrained lies and hypocrisy
evident everywhere on this forum...


Fake News.
You rattle on about a A Free and Fair Press but don't tell us which media you deem to be free & fair.

Pray tell - we crave your enlightenment.
The Free Press of Yester Year has Dis Appeared...
Unable to survive int the new internet era
without paid subscirptions and news stand sales...
they have simply revised their business model
and now receive payment for publishing
propganda and fake news...

The leaders of this trend are those old stalwarts that are now nothing more
than still worts of fake and fabricated news...
New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post, Independent...
Followed by Associateed Press (AP) which sucks in the worlds press
through its news syndication services...

Replacing them, empowered by technology,
are a thousand points of illumination
as a million new independent investigative journalists
now employ themselves with their own blogs
news sites and teamig up with like minds...

To find these sources a reader must avoid using
censorship controlled media platforms
Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook etc

Alternatives for search engines include

Twiiter subsititutes include include Parler, Gab, and others ...

Using a 'clean' search engine like ecosia can lead
to new media in every area of interest
and within that segment into several layers of
new media and investigative journalism...

Yes it requies a little more effort...
But the result is worth it...
Opening your eyes to just how dormant your perceptions were
in comparison by reading the main stream media of yester year....

Break the habit of reading the same news source every day...
Discard the stale outlook of pre-programmed propagada...
and open your eyes to a new world and new reality...
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Fake News.
You mean like the same question you asked 35plusChips
to which he replied with the same answer you refused
to accept for 123,456,789,987,654,321 times...>?

Yes indeed... YOURS truly is ... 'THE' question...


Fake News.
OMG you don't even know what my question was?!

Now we know you don't read/understand other members posts.

And even Chips, a former Trumpeter, seems to have quit the dark side.

Can't answer for Judy though, she's gone very quiet, probably grieving.


Fake News.
OMG you don't even know what my question was?!

Now we know you don't read/understand other members posts.

And even Chips, a former Trumpeter, seems to have quit the dark side.

Can't answer for Judy though, she's gone very quiet, probably grieving.
Other than to say that Chips in no more a Trumpeter than I am
because the childish propaganda managment tactic you try to apply
of 'black vs white, red vs blue' is not one either of subscribe to...
That reply of yours deserves nothing more than this:

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Fake News.
'No Misunderstanding and easily proven, by the end of the day we will see the Biden vote CONFIRMED and CERTFIED as per Constitution and laid out in Law . .....' so says the Camden's newest recruit...

By the end of the day, aye... ?
Wrong again as usual...
Talking authoratively about things you know very little about...
True to Form in Everything that has Ever Been Debunked related to you...
Incredible but True...
Only possible for a TROLL...

And then there's this...

Camden's latest recruit is a pyschopatic serial liar...

Here's the proof of the claim you made... and the evidence of it being false..
despite all the toss you try to gloss...

And for this blatant lie just a few posts above, there are simply no words...


Fake News.

Bored by…​

Trolls' Tabloid Media and Adolescent Stupidity…?​

Orks' Ignorance and Bigotry…?​

Sheeples’ Insecure Insistence on Delusions…?​

This article below provides a broad insightful perspective
of the history you were never meant to know…

The background of how the Globalist Agenda
came to be the Propaganda Narrative
of Yester Years Free & Fair Press….

The evolution of the Controlling interests
in the World Economic Forum,
Council of Foreign Relations, and
Globalist Multi-Lateral Agencies
that manipulate our governments
and our lives for the specific interests of
the Cabal of Criminal Elites……

'How an Austrian and British Malthusian Brainwashed a Generation of Americans'

#TrumpTheEstablishment #Biden #ProTrump #maga #fakenews #Trump #joebiden #election #vote #stopthesteal #BenGarrison @BenGarrrison Ben Garison #unrig #ibelieveher #kracken


Fake News.

PBS Lawyer Fired After Project Veritas Expose

"They’ll (Trump supporters) be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people – horrible kids."

Authored by Sara A. Carter via

This is what the leftists, along with those that support their agenda, think about Americans. It’s in their own words. Believe them when they say it.

Americans are so fucking dumb,” said PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller, who was chatting with one of Project Veritas‘ undercover self-described guerilla journalists. “You know most people are dumb.”

Kids who are growing up, know nothing but Trump, for four years, you’ve got to wonder what they’re (Trump supporting children) going to be like, ” Beller told the undercover journalist. “They’ll (Trump supporters) be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people – horrible kids.

Beller suggests removing the children from parents who supported Trump and then sending them to enlightenment camps.
Folks, welcome to America’s worst nightmare.

BREAKING: @PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller Incites Political Violence In Radical Left-Wing Agenda

“Go to the White House & throw Molotov cocktails...”

“Even if Biden wins, we go for all the Republican voters, Homeland Security will take their children away…”#ExposePBS
— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) January 12, 2021

Speech Crime... first no Freedom of Speech...

Now Thought Crime... Next no Freedom of Thought...


and these people consider themselves liberal and highly educated...!!!
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Top Poster Of Month
Fake News.
McB ....FAKE NEWS Mcb Quote Meanwhile Antifa sympathisers and members of radical splinter groups of BLM are shown to have been assisted in advance at the very front of the mob into the capitol building by elements of the capitol police, while others were seen breaking glass and scaling he walls...

These two were NOT Trump supporters...
... he has communist tatoos on his hand... and Antifa associations


Not as you were told by McB ANTIFA but infamous white Supremacists and right wing skinhead group
Matthew Heimbach infamous white Supremacist

10981438_821044121310304_6916607413581679445_n (1).jpg

Haught and Strong with Maryland Skinheads member Jason Tankersley on the right hand side
Label 56 was in the news briefly in 2012 after they were discovered selling items by bands linked to Sikh Temple shooter and Hammerskin Wade Michael Page. Label 56 issued a statement decrying the shooting and removed the items, but continued selling other items just as inflammatory and offensive.

Jason Tankersley photo above taken from far right blog ..... Philly Anti-Capitalist : Archives : 2018 : October : page 2 Real far right Identities Along with white Supremacist video of the other far right leader Matthew Heimbach Not Antifa
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Fake News.

Coup de Swamp Land

This Weeks Episodes...

Tump Supporters Riot For Insurrection at the Capitol

Trump Incites the Violence

Brought to You By
the Criminal Cabals'
Fake News Productions...
In Association with:
Media for Mushrooms...
Directed by Mushroom Farmers Advsory Committee for Editorial Content
Sound Tracks:
'Keep 'Em in the Dark and Feed 'Em Manure'
Stage Managed by
CIA/FBI False Flag Productions
The Viking Guy
(Devil Horned Q-Anon Conspirator))
White Supremists
(The Stereotypical KKK Sympathisers)
Antifa BLM Activists
(Special Effects Behind the Scenes)​

All good little MUSHROOMS are proudly capitvated in the DARKNESS and MANURE of the MEDIA for MORONS...

The tabloid fake hsitory encyclopedia Wikipedia has neatly prepared the page on the Viking Guy Guide... and it looks really really wealistic too..>! Except there is not an actor with that name... if it was real, why not use his stage name? And wow a man with horns on his head is a QANON CONSPIRACY DUDE too..>! He must really really weally be a DEVIL, too...! :love: We just L-U-V that story so we will go with it...

And the Anti-Consititutional Tech Platforms funded by the CIA's venture capital fund INTEL-Q ....Google (YouTube), FaceBook (Instagram, Twitter have ALL now un-constitutionally blocked the President of the United States First Ammendment Right to FREE SPEECH while AMAZON has deplatofmed Parler to BLOCK alternative channels of communication and SUPPRESS thye information flow... The Deep State Sampsters are Fully Supportive without ANY CARE IN THE WORLD of the concern this creates in the rest of the Free World...

And NONE of the TROLLS, SHEEPLES and ORKS have any idea that Congress has been informed that the coming broadcasts over the National Public Emergency Broadcasting network can NOT be interfered with or removed...

#Impeachment #Pelosi #TrumpTheEstablishment #Biden #ProTrump #maga #fakenews #Trump #joebiden #election #vote #stopthesteal #BenGarrison @BenGarrrison Ben Garison #unrig #ibelieveher #kracken #trumpTheEstablishment #Biden #ProTrump #maga #fakenews #Trump #joebiden #election #vote #stopthesteal #BenGarrison @BenGarrrison Ben Garison #unrig #ibelieveher #kracken


Fake News.
Using the Stage Managed Fabricated News surrounding the Capital Riots, it is not only the President of the United States that has his First amendment Rights to Free Speech Removed...

The Deep State Tech Platforms controlled by SwampLand have also forced all critical technology service providers to withdraw services from the alternative tech platforms that provide competing services...

Thus they use their monopoly powers as a Ruling Oligarchy to Limit Freedom of Speech to the Entire Population...

The Direct Result of attacking Trump with False Allegations is to Implement a Freedom of Speech Policy that is Exactly In Keeping with the Chinese Communist Party...which has previously shown to have extensive financial contributions to these same companies...​

The Stage Managed Fabricated News Events of the Last Week have been used to allege that President Trump and other competing Tech platforms have incited violence

Meanwhile, Antifa has been using Facebook and other platforms to coordinate riots and domestic terrorism for the past four years, while Twitter is chock-full of violent threats, but who are we to tell 'private platforms' what they can do? If you don't like it, just start your own... oh wait.
Silicon Valley defenders: If you don't like Big Tech's censorship, just start your own social media platform with rules you want.

Parler: OK, we did. We're the country's most popular app!

Amazon/Apple/Google: We're uniting to take you off the internet with our monopoly power.
— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) January 11, 2021

At this Time the Ayatollah of Iran can Tweet but the Pressident of the United States Cannot

As a Result, under the Emergency Powers and in keeping with the Insurrection Act, the President is continuing to release memorandum updates on the Emergency Powers in Dealing with the Foreign Threat of Chinese Communist Party CCP Intervention

#Impeachment #Pelosi #TrumpTheEstablishment #Biden #ProTrump #maga #fakenews #Trump #joebiden #election #vote #stopthesteal #BenGarrison @BenGarrrison Ben Garison #unrig #ibelieveher #kracken #trumpTheEstablishment #Biden #ProTrump #maga #fakenews #Trump #joebiden #election #vote #stopthesteal #BenGarrison @BenGarrrison Ben Garison #unrig #ibelieveher #kracken
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