Extra Heat from Chimney
My sister has fitted a radiator type device to give out more heat to the room from the chimney. Can be fitted to the flu of a soba and the cost was 20tl.



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Extra Heat from Chimney
They seem to be this year's "must have". Several shops in the Fethiye area are stocking them.


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Extra Heat from Chimney
I have one of these, and I would like to point out a problem.

When I used a soba - now on infra-red electric - this fitting caused me a problem on two occasions. Because of the design, the chimney is constricted to four (on mine) narrow channels and these are prone to blocking with soot/carbon quite quickly; even after a few days the diameter can be halved.

When working well it blasts the heat out, but probably needs cleaning more often than standard chimney.



Extra Heat from Chimney
Thanks for that Ian, I haven't seen one of those before so will have to get hubby to get one.

Aslo thanks for the extra info Ian.

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