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Experts issue condom warning
Not sure how you get the right size or measurement of these, maybe you try them on like a pair of shoes, or do they measure you like for a bra to find out what cup size you require.

Or when asked what size are you Sir, will it be a bit like the fish they caught lol.

Below taken from MSN uK

"Condoms of all shapes and sizes should be available on the NHS, according to health experts.

The fpa, formerly the Family Planning Association, said more than a third of people have had a condom split or come off during sex.

Toni Belfield, fpa's director of information, said: "Men come in different shapes and sizes and so do condoms. Poor use of condoms can have devastating consequences on people's sexual health.

"Recent figures show the UK has the highest ever number of new cases of chlamydia and continued high rates of unwanted pregnancies.

"Problems such as condoms splitting or coming off are directly related to people choosing the wrong size and shape, or not using them correctly. When this happens, people lose trust and confidence in the method.

"As a direct consequence, people are then far more likely to use condoms erratically or stop using them altogether."

To mark Sexual Health Week, which runs until August 13, the fpa is calling for the NHS to provide a wider selection of condoms in different sizes and shapes to increase protection.

Ms Belfield said: "We receive many calls on our national helpline from people about condoms. Improved information and choice is vital to enable men and women to use them consistently and confidently.

"If used properly, condoms are highly effective in preventing pregnancy and many sexually transmitted infections.

"As a powerful way of protecting public health, the reasons why some people experience problems using condoms needs to be explored."

"The NHS is the largest distributor of free condoms in the UK. fpa would like to see a much wider variety made available so that people can chose a fit that is right for them from a good selection.

"We would also like to see health professionals talk to clients about condoms during consultations and tackle some of the embarrassment that exists around condom use."
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Experts issue condom warning
When I was younger i worked in a pharmacy and one of the things prescribed to men was a truss, which is used to support their dangly bits. Anyway, they come in three sizes, small, medium and large, and being the technician, i had to assertain their size prior to dispensing. You can guess what EVERY man said his size was. It didn't matter that you explained it had to be a snug fit to give the required support, no, always large......

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Experts issue condom warning
Yes large, and then put them quite visible somewhere in your car....


Experts issue condom warning
There are three sizes in condoms small, medium and liar. :lol:
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