I Love Kleopatra Beach !
Expensive Ham
It would give me indigestion !!! wonder how much the the whole pig cost ,
Anyway its to late now i bought a quarter of wilkshire ham at sainsburys earlier today , You could have told us sooner in time for tea ...........Diane


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Expensive Ham
This is not intended to be gratuitously offensive to Muslims but to pork munchers serrano , galician or other air dried / cured hams are truly scrumptious.

Can't stand pork but love ham / proscuitto etc. Odd eh !



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Expensive Ham
.not really odd missus loves liver pate, but cant liver on its own..she loves raw tomatoes ,but can,t stand cooked tomatoes.she won,t eat liver ,heart,kidneys, but loves ..haggis and thats weird..:gulme:

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