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Exodus of Millionaires
There were a total of 82,000 millionaire migrants that left for greener pastures in 2016, with Turkey one of the five countries witnessing the greatest such outflow, according to a fresh survey by New World Wealth.

Global wealth migration is accelerating and approximately 82,000 millionaires (HNWIs) migrated in 2016, compared to just 64,000 in 2015, according to the report, according to Visual Capitalist.

France, China, Brazil, India and Turkey saw the highest number of outflows last year.

Not sure if this includes Saoirse or not:-



Exodus of Millionaires
I agree, it's definitely one of the reasons.


Fear of business confiscation, funds being frozen and more importantly being arrested (because you oppose the government) are all reasons people are leaving the country.


The academics are already leaving (after being pushed out by the president who reformed the regulations to select his own University deans).

Many students aren't far behind, considering how to attain a degree in something which will get them out of the country.

I know doctors (one of whom personally) who have actually gone to study in Poland in a new speciality, simply as a way of escaping Turkey.

As for where they are going, well I think it's safe to say they're not fleeing to the middle east - most are heading to Europe. We have a local Turkish kebab shop worker (who doesn't?) and he's bringing the wife over in a couple of weeks because Turkey is _++((&P"{). In his words.

Northern Cyprus: The new destination for Turks fleeing Turkey - BARÇIN Y?NANÇ

I know Turkey has designs on the TRNC and has already begun building mosques for their social engineering plan, however, it would be almost impossible to make huge economic or ideological changes in Cyprus...I honestly believe Cypriot Turks would rather annex themselves to Greece rather than outlaw casino's, raise the price of raki and implement the presidents strict regs.

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Exodus of Millionaires

A few weeks ago I met a lovely young man from Izmir at my nephews house who was a student Doctor in Turkey, engaged for the last 2 years to a friend of my nephew.

The plan was they were to get married and settle in Izmir but he is now here and it was sad to hear him say he will never go back.
I didn't want to pry too much as to their new future or whether he continue his studies here. If he can .


Exodus of Millionaires
At least he has the choice!
Everyone is waiting for change, so that futures can be planned and prepared for.
Unfortunately though, so many (including some of my friends) can't make other plans and won't be able to leave.
The ones who can't leave, either for economic or family reasons, are slowly moving to Izmir. Izmir will become the last bastion of democracy and secularism.


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