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Exchanging Lira to send to UK
This morning we are in the middle of an apartment sale. The English seller is living in the UK. The buyer is Turkish and is currently wiring the agreed amount of money, in Lira, to our client account. (The seller realises that he will be affected by rate fluctuations but was keen to sell and has balanced this against the fact that he will get his money quickly.)

This is the first time we have been in this situation and, for the benefit of our client, I want to maximise the amount of £ I get from the Lira so I am looking for options, other than just relying on the bank and their rate for the day.

I have had contact from UK based currency brokers before, to offer their services the other way (ie. exchanging £'s to Lira to send over here) and I am about to contact them, but first, I thought I would ask for ideas and options from our wonderful forum members, as the wealth of knowledge and experience on here seems to know no bounds.


Exchanging Lira to send to UK
Good morning DD, when I bought my apartment here I paid in cash through INTERCHANGEFX phone num 0044 0800 107 4443, website....interchangefx.co.uk.
I got a £ to tl rate which was 4-5 kurush better than HSBC could give me, hope this may help you.

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