Excellent band
Just started getting into "The Muse"
they have an excellent sound and particularly love both the beat and lyrics of their release "Uprising"
Worth checking out

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Excellent band
I've got 3 of their albums, they do get better and better. One of the few bands these days I'd like to see live.
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Pimp My Sasha!
Excellent band
Yep...i love them too and have got all the albums.

Agree with the above that Blackholes and Revelations is worth obtaining (it received a Mercury Music Prize nomination) but equally their earlier work is outstanding..try Origins of Symmertry too..


Excellent band
My son has been following Muse for about 5yrs and plays a lot of their stuff on his guitar.
I found them through him and my favourite album is Absolution.
Favourite tracks are Hysteria, Time is Running Out, Stockholm Syndrome and Sing for Absolution.
Muse are now one of the top 3 live bands on the planet and have a massive world-wide fan base.
Great Progressive Pomp-Rock!


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