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EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize!
Maybe they'll award Spain or Greece the Nobel prize for economics at the same time.



EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize!
Cerainly not deserved for balancing the books!! Their finances are a complete mess even taking the Euro debarcle out of the equation


EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize!
UKIP's Crazy Frog thinks it's a disgrace. Now there's a surprise.


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EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize!
l have always said criminals take care of their own kind.The so called peace prize is swamped with so many flaws it is now called the know all prize of corruption
The prize for outstanding deception goes to the E.U for making a right balls up on the peace treaty without any use of commonsense,ignoring all the property corruption abroad,filtering billions of Euro's to warlords and terrorist and to countries that has no repect for Europe,The human right issues in favour of the criminals,not the law biding and the economic mismanagement which led to conflicts within the E.U zone.There are so many more,so,l'll end with etc,etc,etc.
Are these the signs of peace

Anyway,which MEP will be rewarded the prize money.Could it be channeled to Tony Blair
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