EU tyre directive
Turkish truck drivers and operators were aghast last night that they are being targeted with a new directive to attempt to join the EU by requiring to have tread on their tyres.
A spokesman from the Countries transport members club told us that 'if slicks were good enough for Michael Schumacher and others, they are good enough for vehicles doing a fraction of the speed'.
However they were at pains to confirm that they are now issuing free penknives to all member drivers and operators to help cut a pattern in their tyres to conform with this new edict.
Our roving reporter wandered around various truck stops looking at truck tyres and talking to drivers.
One driver who refused to give his name, and whose tyres were down to the steel band told us that'' now he has very good grip as the steel really cuts through wet surfaces etc. However to attempt to conform to the new edict he will put a hacksaw through some of the steel in order to form the equivelent of spikes for that extra grip.
A spokesman for the countries agency responsible for checking the new edict is being imposed on the roads, on being asked how he would enforce the ruling replied 'give me 20ytl and I will tell you' Our investigations continue.


EU tyre directive
Well done !!

One day they might even thank you for pointing out their oversight !


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