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Good morning all,

we have a villa in ovacik which we would like to sell can anyone tell me who are the best estaste agents are within my area




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estate agents
You'll get a different opinion from everyone you ask Martin, but here's mine for what it's worth.

My advise is to place the property with several agents, in fact as many as you can. In Turkey you don't need to put it with one agent for a particular percentage. In the current climate, the more exposure it gets, the more chance there is of it selling. It's worth asking if they have anyone in the office that speaks Russian as, if they do, there's a chance that they'll have some contacts on the Russian market, where there's still a bit of cash available.

However, don't be at all surprised if you don't get any genuine interest in it until around September or October, if at all. That seems to be the time when those that have holidayed out here tend to return with a view to purchasing.

There are a huge number of properties on the market in the surrounding area and, whilst it's often an advantage to buy a second-hand property because most of the snagging will have been seen to, many people are only interested in new properties.
estate agents
We bought our property form Premier Estates.

Tracey, the owner of the company, has always been honest and helpful to us. She will tell you as it is and not what she thinks you want to hear.

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estate agents
Cenk at Interturk Estates in Calis but he covers a large area is a true gentleman with no pressure to buy off or sell through him with great advice & he is also a qualified structural engineer.
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