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Eric & Adeline
Hi all,
nice to hear so many bought on the Roal Blue Beach. We purchased in Feb 09 in Block 5 1st floor, supposed to be ready June 2010 but following questions to prime who we bought through there is currently an 8 week delay which they seem to think will have a knock on effect.
We are planning to go out in Oct to have a look round the area and look at furniture shops including Ikea just to get an idea of what there is:gathering.


Eric & Adeline
:roundgrin Hi Eric and Adeline, and may I extend a warm welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy. Have a fab shopping trip in October, don't forget to negotiate on price, haggle haggle haggle! Good luck, I loved my furnishing trip, take care and good luck for the future!!:roundgrin:roundgrin

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