Environmental concerns


Eurostat: waste most of the EU countries are going to Turkey​

According to data from the EU statistics office, the biggest buyer of exports of waste from Europe to Turkey. 13.7 million tonnes to 32.7 million tonnes, the EU's annual exports of waste coming to Turkey.​

- The European Union (EU) Statistical Office (Eurostat), the biggest buyer of exports of waste from Europe announced that it is Turkey. According to Eurostat data, waste exports from EU countries have increased by 75 percent since 2004. 13.7 million tonnes, 32.7 million tonnes of annual export of waste going to Turkey.

According to the BBC correspondent in The Hague Turkish Yusuf Ozkan news , the export of waste to Turkey from Europe has increased by almost three times over the last 20 years. More than half of the waste sent from Europe consists of metal waste such as iron and steel. EU countries exported an annual 17.5 million tons of metal waste, Turkey is approximately 12 millio

Other countries to which EU waste is sent the most are the UK with 1.8 million tons, Switzerland with 1.6 million tons, Norway with 1.5 million tons, Indonesia and Pakistan with 1.4 million tons each. Which are exported 6 million tonnes of waste paper from EU countries, 15 percent still taken by Turkey.

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Environmental concerns

Didn't know if to put this on "idiots of the week"

Brazilian death trap sold to the highest bidder....

An aircraft carrier Sao Paulo once owned by the French but later sold to Brazil .... has now been taken out of service due to age ...and now redundant it was auctioned for scrap by the Brazilians .....against the wishes of a signed agreement with the old French owners on purchasing it to the Brazilians . In that agreement the Ship on scrapping was to be done as laid out in the contract “The ship was to be disassembled in EU approved recycling facilities, in a safe and environmentally friendly way”. As the AIrcraft Carrier Contains in its structure 600 tons of Asbestos a Hazardous Material needing specialist extraction .... The Brazilians instead auctioned it for scrap value in an open to all Scrap Market ...

It was bought for 10,550,000.00 Brazilian Real (13 million 870,748.06 Turkish Liras). Turkish shipyard SÖK Denizcilik to be dismantled in Aliağa Shipyard Izmir Turkey ... Asbestos handling is a tricky issue and their is no capacity to dismantle it safely in Turkey whose health and safety standard for workers isn't high with profit before lifes....

Professor Asli Odman said: "The Turkish constitution guarantees citizens the right to live in a safe environment, free from toxic exposures. Civil society groups are gearing up to ensure that every possible protection is afforded to those who work on the dismantling of the ship, to other workers in the recycling yard as well as to local people. We will face up to the challenge posed by the ship’s arrival in Turkey, organize alongside environmental, labour and health activists and do our utmost to ensure that the government and shipyard authorities honor their obligations to the people .”

Opposition Parties are asking will this asbestos contaminated aircraft carrier not cause a public health and environmental disaster in its dismantling to both workers and people living in the local area.

On demolition the cancerous asbestos dust could easily be carried to every part of the city Izmir on the wind.

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The Carnwath Massive
Environmental concerns
2 attempts at getting an all electric car, order went in for a Jaguar ipace via a very preferential salary sacrifice scheme and Leaseplan, order accepted but no contact, chased and chased, they were supposed to contact me within 2 weeks to confirm my spec and give an approx delivery date, after 6 weeks of no contact I sacked it, I never did business like that, I switched to BMW iX3, well Specced car with no real options so essentially an off the shelf car apart from colour, didn't want a black one as already have the diesel version, looks like a Manchester drugs dealers waggon. So 5 days later BMW who promised to call me straight back with their so far allocation when they hit the showrooms in a couple of months,they didn't so pretty pissed off as I had put off ordering a gas guzzling BMW convertible which I am now tempted to order this week. So the only thing that will be green is the car bodywork, I tried, and I gave up !


Environmental concerns

Stop the Next Pandemic, McDonald's​

Coronavirus could be just a taste of the terrifying threat we face from superbugs -

Factory farms are all about producing tons of fast, cheap meat -- but it wouldn't be possible without massive amounts of antibiotics. Already over 70% of the global supply is used on farm animals!

McDonald's is the world's largest beef purchaser -- and it's deciding new antibiotics policies right now. If we push McDonald's to ban them, it could then shift the whole industry towards more sustainable farming.

Let's make it happen! There's almost nothing McDonald's cares about more than its public image -- so if millions of us raise our voices, we could push the meat giant to slash antibiotics and help stop the next superbug pandemic. Sign now and pass this on, fast:



The Yorkshireman
Environmental concerns

1 in 5 electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas because charging their cars is a hassle, new research shows​

Full Story

Roughly 20% of electric vehicle owners in California replaced their cars with gas ones, a new study shows.
The main reason drivers made the switch was the inconvenience of charging.
The findings suggest new challenges facing the growth of the nascent electric vehicle market.


Environmental concerns
If batteries were standardised and kept fully charged in a bank at petrol stations, and electric cars were designed to change batteries easily and quickly, it would solve the problem.
As usual, there's probably been little proper 'practical' input into design.

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