Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
Entertain me :-)
Lo all,

Am in the car on the way back from Urfa. Weve been driving since 10am, still have a trillion miles to go and I am bored shedless!!

Dont fancy eyespy and Im getting enough exercise clinging to the seat everytime Murat plays chicken with oncoming lorries!

Any suggestions? (please keep it clean, mother in law in the back seat!)
Entertain me :-)
i spy in turkish...
spot the woman driver(not many)
spot which area the car plate numbers are from (eg 07 Antalya 63 Şanlıurfa )
count different types of trees
what route are you taking


Entertain me :-)
Try to remember a Turkish word begginning with each letter of the Alphabet.And write it down and its meaning.

Ive tried it its fun .

Hugs Maggie xxx

barry budd

Entertain me :-)
Hi Ms who
How are you using a computer in a car ,and keeping a signal?
and do you know the Doctor

Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
Entertain me :-)
Thanks GnD that kept me entertained for a little while :)

Shirley, Im not playing any games with Murat that I cant win!! lol Route: Just had a food pitstop in Konya.

Mags, Ill give the Turkish word game a go another time, brain frazled and am at that scarey starey catatonic looking stage lol

5 seats in the back, Dursun flaked out on 3 of em with a blanky and pillow, the rest of the back looks like a cargo lorry as its full of orders that the family put in: kilos of cay, isot etc.. boxes of god knows what so no room for a nap so Im doing the decent thing and keeping my husband from falling asleep in the front!

Barry, got a bit of kit that plugs into the charger and am using a dongle. The Doc? distant relative who is off on his travels at the moment or I defo would have used his means of transport ;-)

Still only another 7 hours or so aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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Entertain me :-) about two games incorporated to one the dodgy emlak and drive by shooting:thumbup:

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