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English tutoring
I'm offering English tutoring for anyone who wants to learn or improve their English. I offer lessons as a small group or individually, adults or children (from 3 years and older). Lessons will be held in Marmaris. Please reply to this thread for further information,

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English tutoring
Hi Louise,

Are you still in Marmaris and tutoring English?
I have been looking for a one-to-one English tutor for my 6.5years-old-son. Dates will be from 22th of July to the end of August and location can be Icmeler or Marmaris. The student has been at a state school in London for 2 years and fluent in English. He is due to sit private school +7 exams in November in the UK. Please let me know if you or somebody you know would be interested. Thanks.

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