Enclosing a balcony
Can anyone offer any advice or ideas please?

As our apartment is traditional Turkish, the front door opens directly into the lounge, which is ok during the summer, but during the winter causes problems as you would expect.

We are on the first floor (upstairs - just to advoid confusion :crazy: ) and there is a very little 'balcony' or 'landing' at the top of the stairs where the front door is. So i was wondering if it would be possible to close this off...but preferably in a non-permanent way. I was thinking about those glass 'removable' panel doors or something? I really want that area enclosed this winter, every time the front door is opened all the heat rushes out and even when closed the draft is terrible but i'd still like to able to have it open in the summer, so dont want to brick it up. Any thoughts, or is this completely impractical do you think?


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Enclosing a balcony
kls are you talking about an area outside your own flat?? because you may face problems if it is a communal area and provides access to other flats, have you considerred the need for other people to get furniture etc to their flats and will it impede emergency access in the event of a fire???
we need more info


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Enclosing a balcony
I have a pergola over my balcony, and in the winter I can slide in glass panels which keeps the rain and wind out. The glass just slides into little runners, I am not sure whether this would retain heat or not though.


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Enclosing a balcony
There are a couple of double glazing companies on the road out to Karachula that do those temporary units that would probably be ideal for you.


Enclosing a balcony
Ooh that was quick!

Sorry Bryn didn't make it very clear....no-one else needs access just me, him indoors and the dog! We're not in a block, just us and the in-laws in our building.

Jane that sounds like exactly what i am looking for, i should have said the area is already covered 'roof' wise (it's a sloping wooden 'shelter'...not sure what you call it!), so just need something on the sides, as it were. I'm not fussed with keeping it warm in there, but enough to keep the wind and rain out would certainly make it less drafty in the actual house.

Thanks Alan i will have to check out those window places and see if they could do something like those runners Jane mentioned. You know how the wind howls across the village in the winter....not pleasant when the front door opens straight into the living room!

Thanks all

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