Electricity off in Milas-Gulluk Sunday
There is a local news report saying that AYDEM will be doing maintenance work on the substations in Milas and the electricity for the area will be off between 7:00- 14:00 on Sunday 8 November.

Areas and villages listed: Milas İlçe Merkezi (Milas town), Çamiçi, Güllük, Beçin, Selimiye Municipalities including a total of 97 villages.
Ören Municipality and Bayır, Gürceğiz, Akçakaya, Çakıralan, Dereköy, Pinar, Sekköy, Hüsamlar, Çamlıca, Kalem, Alatepe, Kultak, Çökertme, Gökbel, Bozalan, Yoğunoluk, Türkevleri villages.


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Electricity off in Milas-Gulluk Sunday
..well first of all i think its good news that they even let you in kusadasi it just goes without warning...usually right in the middle of the missus ..watching corrie....then my lifes a misery ..:drum:even in the


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Electricity off in Milas-Gulluk Sunday
Been off in the Kaya valley all day today - since 9 a.m. came back on about 2.30 p.m. No warning, but then who are we to expect to be told that the power will go off???
Electricity off in Milas-Gulluk Sunday
I had a power cut every day at different times (usually evening) about 3 weeks ago. Then nothing and an 18 hour power cut from early evening until mid morning the next day here in good ole Istanbul. That was no fun believe me.

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