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Efes - The Story So Far...
Efes, one of the first things I discovered in Turkey :D

The Efes Beverage Group is a group of companies that produce and market beer, malt and soft drinks accross a geography that consists of Turkey, Russia, the CIS countries, Southeast Europe and the Middle East.

The Efes Group is the beverage division of the Anadolu Endüstri Holding A.Ş. (Anadolu Group), one of Turkey's leading conglomerates. Anadolu Group was founded by Yazıcı and Özilhan families in the early 1950's and has principal interests in beverage, automotive, finance, chain restaurant management and writing instruments and office supplies sectors.

Commencing its operations with two domestic breweries in Turkey in 1969, Anadolu Efes now operates with 15 breweries, 6 malteries and 1 hop processing facility in 5 countries, and became one of the leading brewers in the region. As of end of 2006, Anadolu Efes conducts its beer operations in a geography consisting of Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Moldova with a total annual brewing capacity of 34 million hectolitres and a malt production capacity of 236,500 tonnes.

With its Coca-Cola operations in 7 countries, Anadolu Efes is also active in the soft drinks business. Following the agreements completed in 2005, Anadolu Efes expanded its soft drinks operations into the Middle East, covering Iraq and Jordan. Currently Anadolu Efes conducts its soft drink operations through 12 bottling plants with a total annual capacity of 573 million unit cases. In its current operating geography Anadolu Efes reaches an aggregate capacity of over 120 million people.

Beers brewed by Efes for the Turkish market are Efes Pilsen, Efes Light, Efes Dark, Efes Xtra, Efes Ice, Marmara Kırrmızı, Marmara Gold, Ritmix and Gusta.

Brewed under licence agreements are Miller Genuine Draft (MGD), Beck's and Foster's.

I shouldn't have started this thread - now I want a large Efes!

Efes - The Story So Far...
Valuable beyond measure. Many thanks Ceemac.
Any info as to the brains and technology behind Efes? Common lore has the Germans responsible. Tastes feasible.

Big Paul

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Efes - The Story So Far...
Ah....... but what has happened to the taste of Efes lately???

It is not the same as it used to be!

Has anyone else noticed?

Sunny Seasider

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Efes - The Story So Far...
For any of UK TLF members, Makro have an offer at the moment 24 330ml bottles fot £12.49 + vat. Got our stock in last Wednesday when the offer started.

And in answer to Big Paul's question, no it tasted as good as ever in July, altho' I don't drink that many as I enjoy my Gin and Tonics in the sunshine, but my hubby and friend did and no complaints from them.


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Efes - The Story So Far...
On a personal note i think Efes is ok for a quick thirst quencher, bit it is injected with too much co2 which makes it too gassy, it is devoid of flavour, and has no body.



Efes - The Story So Far...
Admittedly I am not a lager drinker by choice and dont touch the stuff on my (increasinglyl rarer) visits to the UK but I find Efes sickly (unless stone cold- which it often isnt) and very gassy. I much prefer Becks for its drier flavour and less gas; interesting to see who brews it here, though.
Efes - The Story So Far...
"Makro have an offer at the moment 24 330ml bottles fot £12.49 + vat. Got our stock in last Wednesday when the offer started." [Sunny]

WHAT! Who the hell drinks small bottles? Yuk!


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Efes - The Story So Far...
Oh this is the best thread ever, I love Efes, can't wait to get back over there and have a few bottles, I buy it here but it's not the same drinking it in sunny Newcastle Upon Tyne. I am there on Saturday, yipee.

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