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Education in UK??
It's a cracker, isn't it ?

They'll be doing NVQ's in "Being A Right Little Gobsh**e" soon ! :lol:


Education in UK??
Hysterical headlines, but you have to read the whole article. This was a holiday scheme and nothing to do with mainstream school. As it was mentioned in the article they probably had to justify their funding and set some targets. Now for some special needs children who may have been attending this holiday scheme, getting on a bus alone may well be a big acheivement. I'm all for giving them some self esteem and if getting a certificate helps them, well that's great. If you have kids who manage this kind of activity without thinking twice - you are the lucky ones. Where they made a mistake was by not asking the kids on this scheme if they wanted to receive an award. It's a shame the family in the article decided to mock this. They are the lucky ones who don't need a bit of help in their lives.
Maybe this father should consider not sending his kids on these government funded holiday schemes for teenagers if all he can do is mock it. There is plenty of condemnation of UK teenagers for their wayward ways. Here is a scheme to introduce them to new activities and play sports etc and all the Mail can do is highlight one aspect that perhaps needs a bit more thought before the next holiday. No doubt there will be fair few here ready to make fun of it before giving it any thought. In another thread they will be all to ready to jump on the 'all British youth are yobs' train of thought.
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