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ebay and Phishing
Is there anybody else using ebay who has come across this:- When I try to click onto a watched item I am taken to a page stating "Phishing Site Blocked" and it goes on to tell me that the page I tried to open has been blocked as a potential phishing scam. The service is provided by OpenDNS. I am then asked to provide my name, email address and in a short message state why I think the site is not a phishing site. Today is the first time this has happened and I am wondering whether anybody else has come across it and whether it is a genuine site or whether it is a phishing scam itself.
ebay and Phishing
Havent come across that, but definetly sounds like a phishing expedition to me.
Logged on to ebay this morning & found my site blocked by ebay, due to someone hacking in & offering 20 high value non existant items for sale, then about 30 email enquiries about the items.
An hour later & password changes all is now back to normal (I hope)


ebay and Phishing
no never! im a frequent ebayer and never come across that!, your security settings must be very high being a bit too cautious?


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ebay and Phishing
Hello. I got this yesterday. Contacted company to complain as I could not access item I was selling so I knew it was not a phishing site!!!. Received email today. Company stated they had blacklisted Ebay and Paypal sites by accident. They have now put them on their "white" list. Funny but I got this message with internet explorer and firefox but AOL worked normally. Back to normal now.
Bit worrying how they accessed computer.

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