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Duty Free + Greek Meal + Cheddar Cheese !
:attention To Meis - Little Greek İsland - from Kas today -Now Tuesday 3rd November 2009 and the weather was bright and sunny all day in Kas - in fact İ got a burnt nose and cheeks on the boat trip to Meis from Kas harbour today! Kas is a really beautiful gem of a place yet small enough to walk around the whole of it in about a if you are staying in Kas more than a day or two, a trip out is a good idea.. so we decided to go on a boat trip.

At this time of year it is tricky to plan which days to take a boat trip from Kas (tomorrow is forecast rain and thunder) but this morning - at 9am - was nice so we asked the manager of this Hideaway hotel here in Kas if we had time to book TODAY and get to Meis. He phoned the boat people at the harbour and within 5 minutes they were at our hotel asking for our passports which they then took to the local police to check out. They told us to board the boat at 10am TODAY! We did and had one of the best days ever...even managed to pop into the Yapi Kredi bank near the harbour and exchange our Lire for Euros (Meis does not take Lira) - just 7 of us on the small boat to Meis today but apparently if there is a larger group, then the bigger boat goes there ... arrived there at 11am and straight to the Duty Free little hut where the boat docks .. we reserved (1) Estee Lauder White Linen perfume Cost: 48.50 Euros (2) Chanel No 5 perfume Cost: 89.50 Euros (3) Captain Morgan Black Label Jamaica Rum - 1 Litre - 40% Vol Cost: 11.80 Euros (4) A strange looking yellow tall lıquer Aigaion Coriaoetalino 0.2 Litre Souvenir of Rhodos 30% Vol Cost: 3.60 Euros - also comes in red or blue but all taste the same - HİGHLY RECOMMEND THİS ONE = good price and great taste! ... then we walked around the little harbour and found 2 x supermarkets (well they were really like the Turkish mini markets) and bought (1) Cheddar Cheese 200g from İreland 100% natural - aged minimum 4 months Kerry Gold Cost: 2.90 Euros (2) Lurpak Soft Salted (or unsalted) butter 250g Cost: 3.60 Euros (3) Danish Blue Cheese St Clemens 100gr Cost: 1.70 Euros (4) Maltesers 37g in normal red pack Cost: 0.80 Euros... We then had lunch at the central restaurant with seats just by the waters edge and could see hundreds and hundreds of tiny silver fish glistening in the waters below. The water was so very clear you could see about 30ft deep - and all turquoise! We had 2 x Ouzos with water (like Turkish Raki) + calamari + salad + omelette Total Cost: 26 Euros for all. Very nice Greek guy who goes to UK every year and has done for 20 years - speaks excellent English... we then walked up some of the back streets and it was soooo different from Turkey ... lots of men wearing long light blue 'dresses' like the Egyptians wear = local priests who teach at the Island School there - and loads and loads of cats everywhere - unlike Kas where there are hundreds of dogs .... backto boat at 1pm and into Kas harbour at 2pm... GREAT DAY OUT - would highly recommend to anyone BUT ONLY ON A NİCE DAY. :dil:


5 a day inspiration!
Duty Free + Greek Meal + Cheddar Cheese !
Sounds nice...made me even more cheesed off. Lousy weather today, pee'ed dowm most of the day. I think my winter blues have started already so off to Holland & Barrett to buy some St Johns Wort!
Carol x

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