Duty free cigarettes
A while ago we had a discussion about buying cigarettes and we know in the uk we can have 200 cigs per person but in Bodrum Airport they say you can take 1000. On the Onurair flight back last night they were coming round with 1000 cig packs so openly inviting you to flout the UK laws. A few people bought them and then proceeded to split them up and hide them about their person.:roundgrin

Personally i wouldn't take the chance. Has anyone here been caught doing it because I saw them go through with no problems at all.
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Duty free cigarettes
They do the same at dalaman airport - insisting you can take 1,000 cigs - simply because they are on low wages and are desperate for commission. The situation is simple. You can take your chance and risk confiscation of them at the UK airport or paying heavy taxes, or you may be one of the many lucky ones who get through. However telling the cheery customs man in the UK that a Turkish salesman told you it would be OK is another matter!!!


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Duty free cigarettes
Last year apparently the passengers on a flight from Dalaman to Manchester were all processed through UK customs and had any more than 200 cigarettes confiscated. Our friends had both bought 1,000 each at Dalaman because they were told that the "allowance had changed during their holiday" .

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