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Duty Free Allowances​

Official Duty Free Allowances issued by the Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade 2017.


All meat and dairy products are prohibited from import to Turkey.

NOTE: The 600 cigarettes listed above are made up of 200 from a foreign country + 400 allowed to be purchased at the duty free arrivals shop.

Below is the sign outside the Duty Free shop at ARRIVALS at Bodrum Airport.


Also Meat and Dairy products are not allowed to be imported.

Duty Free Allowances App

If you have a smart phone there is an Android and IOS app to access the latest information regarding Duty Free Allowances.
Click here for details of the apps which give both Inbound and Outbound Duty Free Allowances.

Currency Export regulations

Undeclared Limits for taking money with you out of Turkey is, local currency (Turkish Lira-TRY) and foreign currencies, up to 5,000 US$.- 25,000TL or 10,000 Euros.
Customs at any airport in the world are at liberty to ask the carrier of 1,000 Euros or more to show where the money came from.
Any amount over 10,000 Euros must be officially declared.

Published April 15, 2019
There is as from 1st June 2019 NO lower threshold figure before KDV (tax) is charged on any packages arriving from foreign countries.
Now 18% KDV is charged on any package from an EU country and 20% KDV from any other country including e-books, but excludes 'paper' books.

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