Dutch Select Turkish Inter Airlines as Most Punctual Company....

The Turkish company Inter Airlines operating out of Antalya has been selected as the "most punctual" airline company in the first half of the year, according to research conducted by the Dutch Civil Aviation Organization and Statistics Department Directorate.

In the year 2003, the company ranked third among the most punctual companies out of 120 major airline companies including KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and German airlines company Lufthansa.

Speaking to the Dutch Newspaper De Telegraaf, officials from the Dutch Civil Aviation Organization said they chose Inter Airlines as the most punctual airline company, with an 85 percent record, along with Transavia, one of the biggest Dutch charter companies.

Being a part of KLM, Transavia Airlines Company manages a 35-plane fleet with nearly 400 pilots and thousands of cabin servants. The research looked for some criteria such as the number of flights, how effectively they make use of the docks and communication quality between the plane and air traffic control tower.

Inter Airlines Chairman Omer Torosluoglu said they were proud of the news titled, "Success of Young Turkish Charter Company" and he emphasized that they would work harder to reach the 100 percent success in punctuality.

Inter Airlines attributes this success, which the company first attained in 2000, to a further level thanks to a disciplined and hard working staff, Torosluoglu said. "Inter Airlines with five planes and 200 staff is particularly known for its flights to various countries. We carried 135,000 tourists from the Netherlands this year and aim to increase this figure to 280,000 by the end of the year. We aim to exceed 500.000 passengers until the end of the year with flights to other countries."

A survey conducted by the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Authority in 2003 showed Inter Airlines among the third most punctual airlines companies along with two other British companies operating at the airport.

Schiphol Airport Authority elected the Inter Airlines "the fastest and the most efficient" airline company among 120 other lines including KLM (the Netherlands), British Airways (the UK), Air France (France), Emirates JAL (United Arab Emirates) and Lufthansa (Germany). Inter Airlines Chairman Torosluoglu was given a "Efficient Airline Award" in a ceremony.


Dutch Select Turkish Inter Airlines as Most Punctual Company....
That's great promotion!
However I had never heard of them before now ....anybody flown with this organisation?

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