duck weather
Hi to you all my first post just thought i would let you all know its banging it down back in this very green and not so pleasant land ,anyway ill be with you lot in Akbuk on the 17th cant wait ,(hope its stopped raining by then or we may have to come over by boat):hehe:ah well that seems to work ..... not really computer lit

Sunny Seasider

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duck weather
Hi and welcome to TLF. Yep, we've have some violent torrential rain storms here in the North West over the past few days, been a bit tropical, lol. We're over in the Bodrum Area and we go this Fri and def counting my sleeps now. Have fun on here, it's fun and very very addictive.


duck weather
:roundgrin Hi Akbukhonda and welcome to the Forum, hope you enjoy, I too and counting the sleeps,
I'm not so far away in Tinkyland!!!! Take care :roundgrin


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duck weather
Welcome to the forum - as Sunny Seaside says, it is very addictive. Sorry to hear it's raining over there, but what's new?? We had a couple of drops the other week!!!!!

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