I Love Kleopatra Beach !
Drunken Irishman attacks Police in Marmaris
Theres to much going off in Marmaris . some hotels are on the web at £4 pn . I Know Turkey needs tourists ... But not this type ! I hope he gets a few month as a deterent to others . And hope it gets into UK press . Drunken Perv should get the publicity he desreves ..... Diane
Drunken Irishman attacks Police in Marmaris

It is such a shame and embarassing that this is happening. We have been going to Turkey and Marmaris since 1984 and have had a property in Marmaris for 10 yrs and this year when we were there for a few months we really noticed a difference in the area and didn,t like what we were seeing. When I remember what Marmaris was like and how small and relaxed it was I feel so sad. We really love Datca as it seems very similar to what Marmaris used to be so hopefully Datca will stay as it is and not get too built up..............:boohoo:
Drunken Irishman attacks Police in Marmaris
i have heard that the man that insulted Ataürk and was deported was not drunk at all..his alcohol count was zero..but he had no money and was unable to go back to the was this a deliberate ploy to be deported.

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