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'Drunk Tanks For Revellers'

Get drunk, stay in custody overnight and we'll send you a bill.

Kill somebody, stay in custody for life. Taxpayer pays.

Steal, get a caution. They even give cautions for rape nowadays.

But get drunk!!


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'Drunk Tanks For Revellers'
Oi bootsy , you old wino drunkard , you owe us £400 quid for last night , if you don't pay wer'e gonna bang you up fpr a month.

Will i get the same breakfast as this morning , if so i ain' got a penny , it's why i live in a bus stop and drink Scarlet from a bucket.

What a joke.



'Drunk Tanks For Revellers'
There would be some outcry if someone suggested similar for drug users or, god forbid, those other social outcasts, the smokers! :wow:

Drug users do cause massive harm in society in terms of some turning to crime to fund their habit. Smokers also cause harm to others when they choose to smoke in close proximity and enclosed places to others. The problems and costs caused by excessive use of alcohol far outweigh the problems caused by the other two drugs.

Every weekend Every major city is affected by the abuse of alcohol, on a scale that far outsrips those caused by drugs or smoking. Police resources are overwhelmed by the actions of people who are heavily intoxicated, and that is the point being made by Senior Police Officers.

Poland has such 'Drunk Tanks' anyone found to be heavily intoxicated is taken to a secure area, where they are monitored throughout the period of their stay, which ends once they have sobered up and afterwards they are billed for that attention. In contrast the burden of looking after heavily intoxicated people here falls onto the Police initially and then the Health Service to who the Police pass on the problem.

A good idea that works, parts of Canada have the same system.


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'Drunk Tanks For Revellers'
When he said "Drunk Tank" I thought he meant......



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