Drownings at Adaland
I just read this on another forum ... :mad:

A young turkish couple who were married in Istanbul on Saturday went to Altinkum for their honeymoon. As a special day out on Tuesday, they decided to visit Adaland here in Kusadasi. The bride went into the wave pool (when the water was flat) and thought it was safe enough. But when the waves began the depth in the pool came to over 2 metres; she couldnt swim. Her husband tried to rescue here but he couldnt swim either and within 5 mins they both drowned. They were pulled from the pool with their arms around eachother.
The waterpark was closed yesterday for an investigation.


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Drownings at Adaland
That is awful, it really does hit hime the dangers of aquaparks.

Some time ago in Salou spain my son who was 10 at the time and a very good swimmer decided to go into one of the wave pools, he was the only one in there and no attendants, the wave machine started gentle at first then got quite aggressive, he got caught up in the roll and was having difficulties staying afloat, luckily I was watching and dived in and manage to keep us both afloat until the machine stopped. Even though i class myself as a strong swimmer the roll of the wave was such that it was sucking us under. I dread to think what would have happened if there were others in the pool at the time, when I reported this the manager just shrugged.

I hope this is a message to all parents, non swimmers, it looks fun but in certain spots of the wave it is extremely dangerous.
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Drownings at Adaland
I just knew this was going to happen at one the parks here.

Adaland and Aqua Fantasy are neighbours by 1km and competing for business - both claiming to have the best water park. Its a massive money making machine and the customers thirst for the scariest and highest waves in my opinion dictates which park is busier.

Drownings at Adaland
This is terrible.

I was in the aquafantasy, the one next door to adaland 2 months ago and there were lifeguards all over the place, where were they at adalands to let this happen?

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Drownings at Adaland
How very sad to read this post two young lives just starting out together. Bless Them Both

My daughter was at the park last Thursday when the storm was on, after it finished they were aloud back on the slides. However, the one my daughter choose had no water at the bottom, she landed at great speed badly cutting the top of her leg and lots of bruises the next day and she is 25. She called to tell me want had happened and said the staff at the park were not interested.



Drownings at Adaland
Terrible thing to happen to that young couple my prayers will be with their families .
i,m glad to hear the great reports on here about aqua fantasy as i,m going their on sunday for 2 weeks and my kids are looking forward to it and i was happy to hear their a lots of life gaurds on duty as you know what kids are like my youngest cant swim but it,s a nightmare to get her out of the water and she will probably be in their all day so it is reassuring their will be enough staff on hand to make it safe for us

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