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Driving From UK to Turkey
Hi everyone I am new to the forums but have been reading yoouur posts with great interest ! I have a question can anyone tell me the quickest and safest route to Bodrum from UK and approx how many miles and how long does it take.


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Driving From UK to Turkey
Everyone will tell you their fastest and / or safest route but the easiest answer is to take a look at Via Michelin and then work a route that suits your needs from that.

I've done the round trip a couple of times and favour the "straight" route from Calais that includes Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria etc.taking about 4 and half days each way. Others favour going via Switzerland and / or Romania, or going down to Italy and taking a 48 hour ferry trip.

ViaMichelin: Maps, route planner
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Driving From UK to Turkey
I prefer the straight across europe route also,the ferry way is ok but its very expensive as everything has port taxes on and now is high season not that it gets much cheaper low season.


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