dreams finally destroyed
i have not wrote on here for quite awhile mainly because my husband was dying with cancer. We had bought a villa in Altinkum (or thought we had)and was going to retire early while we could enjoy some quality time together. Same old story we bought from someone who we thought was a very good law abiding turkish man and his builder. I hate to say it but our last Christmas was spent laughing and joking with these conmen. Last Febuary we found out quite by accident that our fully furnished villa we had fully paid for was due to go o aution as the builder owed the tax man debts on the land and should never even sold us the land let alone build our dream home on it.It has been going to court now for a year so we have not been able to stay in it as we could not get electric etc because of his debts on various other properties. My husband fought this cancer for 4years but within months of finding this out he died. yes i feel angry,upset and totally blame them for his dismise. they took away his fight and because of the worry and stress of all this he died. He has died worrying about how me and my 17year old son will manage to sort this.My next court case is 2nd Febuary


dreams finally destroyed
Oh dear I don't know what to say to you. I do hope you are able to get some justice.


dreams finally destroyed
mattbluecat, I just do not know what to say to you.
Maybe the Justice Minister of Turkey will.?


dreams finally destroyed
I'm so sorry for you and your son. It's impossible to know what to say but I also hope you get some justice although nothing will help your loss.

Chrissie x


dreams finally destroyed
I dreaded to read this thinking that there was a final dreadful verdict, but if you are going still to court- I hope for some hope for you. Your last year must have been painful beyond belief, with the loss of your husband.
Look after yourself and your son.
Wishing you all the best


dreams finally destroyed
Dearest Mattbluecat,

Your words have literally ripped through me. To take away hard earned money is so very wrong in every sense, but your situation is so very much beyond that. I do hope that having the strength to post on here, it not only brings you a great deal of support from all members, but would love to think someone on here can assist you in some real way with your court case.

with all respect and prayers Debbie Xx
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dreams finally destroyed
Mattbluecat, I am so very sorry and heartsore for you.
I am so so sorry you have lost your husband and you are now bearing the stress of this on your shoulders.
What has happened to you is unjust and unfair, intolerable really that you and many others are subjected to such deceit and quite frankly theft, theft of your money, your dreams, your future and sadly in your case your partner.
I hope if there is justice it will be on your side and I wish you well, please do not try to shoulder this all yourself and feel free to come on here and hopefully get some good advice and support.
I wish you all the very best for 2nd February, keep the faith and belief you will get some recompense regarding your property, sadly it is too late for you to realise all of this with your dear husband and that is very very sad indeed.
Best wishes for a satisfactory outcome. I will be thinking of you.
dreams finally destroyed
Hi Mattblucat,

I can not think of anything to say that has not already been said. I can't even begin to put myself in your position, I just hope and pray that you and your son find the strength to fight this as best that you can and as a result get the justice that you deserve.

Thoughts are with you, good luck and God Bless!



Golden Girls
dreams finally destroyed
Iam so sorry to hear about your husband and the sad storry about your house, i dont have words. Wish you and your son best wishes, good luck with your case on 2.nd Feb. If you need somebody to talk to, I will be there for you.


dreams finally destroyed
So sorry to hear of your sad news, hopefully your husband is now at peace....

A Shattered Dream

A heart broke
By the sad word goodbye
It's hard to believe
One word can make so many cry

A loss too many
A team fallen apart
Can one bad play
Really break so many hearts

A different religion
A different race
Why can't we
See the hurt on their face

A broken heart
A divided team
A cry for help
A shattered dream.
dreams finally destroyed
Just to wish you all the good luck, sense of fair play and compassion that you and your son obviously deserve.


Fighting "The Beast"
dreams finally destroyed
Mattbluecat, I am so, so, very sorry to hear of your troubles, your poor heart must be breaking and I cannot begin to even imagine the pain you are going through. I hope you can find someone who could help you.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Going to get Thinner
dreams finally destroyed
I don't know what to say to you. I am so sorry to hear your news.
I wish you and your son all the best for the 2nd Feb.



dreams finally destroyed
Hi Mattbluecat

I'm so sorry to read your terrible plight, you must try to keep your courage now and fight this fight for your husband and your young son. All my thoughts are with you and may justice be served next Tuesday. May those terrible parasites get what they truly deserve..

Maura x


mal mc cullough
dreams finally destroyed
shocking story.god that is just so cruel.absolute scum.thoughts are with you and your child.malachi


dreams finally destroyed
All my thoughts are with you in this sad time. I can only pray for justice for you next week

Roz xx


Deemon in disguise
dreams finally destroyed
so sorry to hear this, losing your husband must have been so difficult, good luck on 2nd Feb and best wishes to you and your son for the future

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