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Down Syndrome Day
Our daughter Tracy ended up getting into the Carnival queens circuit (she did Morris dancing and a lot of girls combine both ..both being prevalent at local carnivals)

She ended up getting the North West Gateway association junior queen title ( a charity who raised money for equipment /games etc and provided a type of community centre for Downs children)
After the crowning of all the girls, the queens were supposed to mingle with the downs children (cue alkward pause), Then Sam , the downs syndrome lad who lived next door to us at the time , dived over to Tracy and hugged her (she has never had a stigma or been bothered about downs as she had known him for 6 years and had been with her mum to some downs functions)
After that, there was a mini stampede of kids, all excitedly crowding round the queens and to say it broke the ice was an understatement, the downs girls were made up at being able to try the queens tiaras and sashes on and at the remaining functions, there was never any alkwardness

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