Dont touch if you know whats good for you!
Just off out to town this morning at about 9.30am and came across a cheeky blighter sunbathing on the edge of the road.
Good job we were on the scooter and not on foot!
Vipers tend not to be very sociable so he was left well alone! Think it was probably a saw scale or mountain viper and neither are the ideal pet to pick up, think we will stick to kittens! Unfortunatly I didnt have my camera so this is what it looked like!

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Dont touch if you know whats good for you!
There was one in our gardens at Diamond not far from you and it was also brown. Apparently they come for the water. I watched it slither away back into the fields. No harm done.


Dont touch if you know whats good for you!
Whilst watching Nat Geog channel,about poisionous reptiles Saw Scale vipers kill more people each year than any other snake throughout the World.

The main reason being they are highly venimous and have proliferated the whole of the African continent,Middle East,and Asia Minor(TURKEY thats us).

Because medical infustructure in these areas is not as sofhisticated as in the western world ,people who are bitten often die because medical attention is not available immediatly due to the remotness of the areas in which people live.

Hopefully not such a problem here in Turkey as most fatalities seem to occur in Africa.

Do sleep well dont have nightmares.

Hugs Maggie (Nik,s told me all this he likes watching slippery characters here in Turkey.)

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