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Don't Pay Over The Odds For Beer
'After a hard days 'work' there’s nothing better than settling down with a bottle of amber nectar.

Don’t Pay Over the Odds for Beer - Fethiye Times

This article is from the Fethiye Times and obviously refers to a cash and carry there but I would imagine it's the same across the south of the country.

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Don't Pay Over The Odds For Beer
I would add to this that if you ever decide not to buy your Efes this way any longer and want your deposit back, you must take with you the original invoice. Simply returning the crate of empty bottles is not enough and without the original invoice you won't get your deposit back.


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Don't Pay Over The Odds For Beer
Bugga ! That's blown my scheme for stealing the empties from the back and taking them round the front to get the deposit back. :wink:


Don't Pay Over The Odds For Beer
In our supermarket Kippa the often have some good deals on its beer/larger by the name of Perge 5% ABV For only 1tl a bottle needless to say the Expats did the right thing & cleared them out now were are waiting for the next round. Our Turkish shoppers just looked no food in trolly just booze..

Also this guys got it right too.

I’ve been brewing beer for 35 years and my advice to you is if you don’t like good quality real ale then don’t brew it.
My main reason for this post is to let you know that it is easy to make good quality beer in Kusadasi. I have been here for nearly 2 years now and enjoy my pint of home made amber nectar every evening.
Below is a rough guide on how to do it and I will be happy to go into greater detail if anyone is interested:-

1) Start with you can buy kits like this in the UK:

Dry Beer Kit
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NOTE: This is a dry kit and you can easily pack half a dozen in your suitcase without having the extra weight of the tins.
2) You simply follow the instructions and add sugar and water. I filter the local Kusadasi water but you can use bottled water.
3) When it’s ready you syphon it off in to pressure barrels or bottles. Due to the temperatures in Kusadasi after 3 or 4 days I store it in my refrigerator and drink it from there.

Makes good sense as well as great beer.

Its Abbot ale.


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