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Don't install updates
If you run windows, don't install the latest updates, there is something wrong with them. I'll try and post the link this afternoon no time now. Ted


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Don't install updates
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Page last updated at 23:46 GMT, Tuesday, 1 December 2009
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Malware suspected of 'Black Screen' issue

Windows 7 was released in October
Malware has been blamed for a problem with the Windows operating system, dubbed the 'Black Screen of Death'.

Some Windows users are confronted by a totally black screen after they log on to their system.

Initially it was thought that Microsoft's own security update could have caused the problem but that has now been ruled out.

The software firm that suggested the security update was the problem has apologised for its claims.

this may put your mind at rest

martin (from bbc news)
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Don't install updates
I am using Win7 with all the updates and no ´screen of death´

I am having a problem with Internet Explorer 8 which seems less than robust.


ted j

Don't install updates
It just said that the update could affect vista and xp as well. I've left them out for the time being 'till i've checked. If you google in "ask woody" (this guy sorts microsoft problems out for them,he used to work for them) he''ll tell you exactly which updates are safe, and which are iffy. He saved a lot of people's computers from crashing a while back

ted j

Don't install updates
I installed them as well. Now I have "google fade" on my homepage which is pants, just the basics load up , you have to move your cursor to get the news, mail etc to appear .I'll be getting rid of that when I have time


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Don't install updates
I run Vista on a lappy, Acer7520, all updates installed, no probs.

Just turned off the nag screen " Windows needs permission " etc. rubbish.

Loads and runs a lot quicker.


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