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Dogs, cats to get $13.2M home
EDMONTON (CBC) - The city has started construction on a $13.2-million pound for Edmonton's lost cats and dogs.

The new facility will contain nearly 23,000 square feet of space, with enough room to house over 100 dogs and 150 cats.

David Leeb, Edmonton's director of animal services, said it's going to be a huge change.

"The work environment we are experiencing right, now we are used to it, but somebody who comes into it for the first time would think that this is kind of a dungeon atmosphere," he said.

"And a new facility with more light, more colours, more brightness, will be a huge improvement for the animals and the people who have to work there."

Leeb said the new facility will go a long way toward improving people's perception of the pound.

"When people come to claim their animals right now, they're sort of escorted through these jail kind of cells and it certainly doesn't give them a good impression," he said.

"Even though we look after the animals very well the impression people are left with is they couldn't possible be treated well in this kind of environment. In our new building, there won't be any doubt that the animals are being treated well."

The new pound is being built in the city's north end, on 137 Avenue and 163 Street, near the Humane Society. The building is expected to be completed in late 2010.

Now that's pretty cool!!!!

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Dogs, cats to get $13.2M home
How the dickens can they spend 13 million, i could buy a 10,000 acre Farm for that and house every waif and stray in the country!


I Love Kleopatra Beach !
Dogs, cats to get $13.2M home
Sorry but is it $ or £s , I suppose the price will be high in a built up area for that amount of land . Plus a lot of fund raiseing will have been done . I watch the american animal rescue on Sky Documentarys . They do a wonderful job

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