Dog to and from Travel
Hi peeps, I am currently planning my drive from the UK to Turkey - We are driving so that we can enjoy the journey and see lots of places along the way, and so that we can take the dog.

Once there we will make our application for RP, to start our new permanent life. However, we need to return to the UK again in a few months as daughter is getting married.

My questions therefor are:-

1. Are there any regulation and/or requirements about taking the dog in or out of Turkey (and back to UK) ?

2. Has anyone else done this (must have, I'm sure) and would you be willing to offer any advice and guidance.




Dog to and from Travel
I adopted a dog and brought it back to the UK. Now we drive back to Turkey and return every 6 months or so.
Dog to Turkey. You obviously need European Pet Passport to prove your dog is microchipped and has had rabies jabs.
You need to contact DEFRA to get an export licence to take your dog to Turkey, this certificate is supplied by an authorised vet, any vat in the UK. The problem is that I think this only runs for 10 days from the date it is issued and this date is obviously just before you leave. DEFRA has all the information on their website and are very helpful, application is made on line.
Having said that when I have arrived at the border no Turkish Border guard has been remotely interested in the dog, it is as if it does not exist. The car is what seems to be their main interest! I often consider not bothering with the certificate but it is a long way to be turfed back. Not sure how the argument would work that you are bringing the dog from Greece or Bulgaria!
Dog to UK. You have the Pet Passport, showing all rabies jabs up to date. I always go to a vet in Turkey who worms the dog and states in passport dog is fit to travel. Never had a problem going into Greece although they do look at the passport.
When you bring a dog into the UK it must have been wormed, not less than 1 day nor more than 5 days when it arrives in the UK. This is very strict so you need to make sure you comply. Make sure the microchip actually works because if not there is no proof that it is the correct dog! The signature of the vet who administers the tape worm treatment should be in a colour other than black, UK guards might believe it has been photocopied otherwise!
If you are travelling through France get it done as far south from the Channel ports as you can, there is a theory that the price increases the nearer to the ports! If you go onto UK Campsite Uk there is a map of France with addresses of vets who do this for you, I have never had a problem. If you don't speak French they will understand what you need.
I recommend you speak or look at DEFRA's website, they will explain everything. It is a pain but just one more thing about Turkey!
Incidentally just ask your vet to make sure your dog is fully inoculated against parasites, apparently Turkish ones are worse than the UK!
Good luck.
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Dog to and from Travel
If you get the Rabies jab in the UK. It is absolutely imperative that you do the blood titer test also. It's important for when you return to the EU from Turkey. You can get it done here in Turkey. The Rabies jab and blood test. Takes around 4 months in total. Dog must be microchipped also.

It is cheaper to do the Rabies vaccination and blood test in Turkey. Before you leave Turkey, You, the dog and Vet must go to the local Government for health certificates, stamps etc...for the dog of course.

We are currently sending a former street dog back to the UK to a forever home. She travels tomorrow. So we've just been doing all the paperwork. Most vets here know what to do. Just don't leave it to late
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