Dog Cafe in Korea
we all know about the asian liking for eating Dogs and the distressing photos we see on adverts for charities, am watching a programme which is for children in need which replicates Philleas Foggs arounf the world in eighty days, they have been through Turkey, Uzbekiztan, Mongolia, weren,t allowed through china,had to backtrack through Mongolia and have now arrived in Seoul and guess what they hey have dog internet cafes not for eating thouth, the Koreans seem now to love their dogs and they have cafes where the pet dogs are welcome, they even have pooper scoop staff, lets hope it is true, the two presenters are now heading 10,000 miles by ship to America, on each leg they have to find something from the country they have passed through to auction for Children in Need Mongolia gave a goat fleece for a Pashmina, Russia gave Vodka obviously, very good programme, if anyone wants the Gurkha lamb etc curry letme know and I will send it, love to gordie and Tina and anyone who may have come across us on our trips to Gumusluk, weather is pretty wet in U.K. have two wet horses, (too dim to go into field shelter) but seven cats who are clever enough, cats everywhere!
Dog Cafe in Korea

I watched this last night and must admit got a bit nervous when they entered the dog cafe and what look like some sick sort of menu with pictures of different dog breeds, but had to laugh at all the pooches running wild and totally taking over the cafe lol.


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