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DIY Military Search?
Crashtester, you are making the mistake of thinking that the people involved want to speed up the process.
From the outset the Military have opposed this system being simplified. It has always been a control issue for them and despite political will they have hung on like grim death to this.
There is no benefit to anyone in the system to streamline this, reduce bureaucracy or, heaven forbid, cut down the number of jobs it maintains.



DIY Military Search?
The reality (in Bodrum) is that there is room in the Belediye Building. This room contains about 15 Staff, 200 yelling 'customers' (of varied nationality) and about 5 Lever-arch files. In these files are the approved applications. They are not filed in any discernable order and are so 'gone through' that a lot of the contents are spilling out of the files!
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