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DIY Dog Food
I think we will stick with Love Dog!!!!

I'd want them to live to 100 after all that effort.....
DIY Dog Food
Reading the ingredients I think the dog would be eating better than us!!

I'll stick to Pedigree biscuits, rice and our leftovers.



DIY Dog Food
Dont think we will be bothering with that ! Pedigree dried food - chicken livers - rice etc for my doggies !


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DIY Dog Food
imagine if you'd gone to all that trouble and the little darlings turned their noses up it it!


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DIY Dog Food
OK my recipe for home made dog food is as follows.
Depending on the cheapest meat but I buy that cook it, use the stock to cook a mixture of rice, pasta etc anything that will soak up the goodness in the stock, then the dogs get fed on some meat, some rice mixture and some biscuits just depending on what I have and as I feed 7 dogs I have found that this is the cheapest way and most nourishing way to feed them
DIY Dog Food
Sam looks ecstatic at the fayre set before him....................:45:


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DIY Dog Food
I make mine with minced lamb or fish with pasta shells some cabbage and carrots And a bit of royal canine shih zue biscuit and james welbeloved for the corgi . Some days just biscuit and tuna or sardines the oil is good for the coat . But they still want My food !!! Diane,

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