I see this as disgraceful and a horrific abuse on an animal the owners of a German shepherd dog tied to a rock and was thrown in the river Trent in the middle of the night ...

'She spent hours there until thankfully two dog walkers spotted her moving and her eyes flicker in the water around eight o'clock in the morning. They acted quickly and bravely got into the water to get her out.

40239428-9341545-Passerby_Jane_Harper_pictured_bravely_rescued_the_pooch_before_N-m-19_1615280...jpg 40239492-9341545-image-a-8_1615279772052.jpg

Disgraceful the The owner she was only fined £80, ordered to pay £200 costs and a £32 victim surcharge and disqualified from keeping dogs for three years. They could have so easily handed it into a dog shelter..... they are sick people .....

The good news is it's alive and well seen below below



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African Refugee
I often wonder if the conservation argument hold water in some quality animal parks and Zoos ?
I doubt there are many endangered species in zoos & confinement is not the answer.

I see no educational value in zoos. Do we really need to learn that elephants have big ears, that tigers have stripes & that giraffes have long necks when we have everything on Youtube?

IMO except for necessary culling (eg elephant & where critters pose a danger to humans) all hunting & entrapment of widlife should be banned.


I dislike Zoos but sometimes the animals indigenous countries are not safe and regulation lacking ending in near extinction .. And it's not the first time these Zoo's can supply a female or couples for restock ...

Like the northern white rhino would have died out completely but the only four northern white rhinos, two male and two female, were taken from the Dvůr Králové Zoo in the Czech Republic to restock the two males unfortunately died of natural causes .. leaving now only two females ...lucky the Zoo had sperm from the 2 males which they hope to inseminate the two surviving females ... without the Zoo they would be extinct ....

Then we had recently the story about the joining .........Endangered black rhino heads to Africa from Yorkshire

A rare black rhino is being sent from a North Yorkshire wildlife park to Africa as part of a conservation scheme.
Eight year old female Chanua will eventually be released into a herd of wild rhinos in Tanzania.

The black rhino is classed as critically endangered, with fewer than 6,000 in the wild due to poaching and habitat loss.
Sam De Belle, head keeper at Flamingo Land near Malton, said she had mixed feelings about seeing Chanua leave.

"They're not here to be our pets," she said.

"It's really sad to see anything go, but they are here to do a job, as we are. They are part of a conservation project."
Chanua was born at Chester Zoo in 2012 before being moved to North Yorkshire three years later.

She will spend a few weeks in Kent with other female rhinos before being flown to Tanzania. When she arrives in Africa she will have to be weaned off her captive diet and adjust to eating local vegetation before being released.

Chanua is the second black rhino to be sent back to Africa from Flamingo Land
Gordon Gibb owner of Flamingo Land said it was the second black rhino from the park to be returned to Africa. Three years ago another female was sent to Rwanda.

"It's extremely important work to us," he said

"Those two releases represent a one percent increase in the total world population levels. So extremely rewarding for myself personally and the team and testament to their dedication and hard work."

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the black rhino came close to extinction.

Demand for its horn from China, where it is used in traditional remedies, saw poaching drive numbers down by 98% between 1960 and 1995, leaving at that time fewer than 2,500 animals.

so mixed thoughts ...


Me too

Good zoos are critical to the very survival of some species and are a hub for knowledge.

Bad zoos are hell holes.

Cant tar them all with the same brush

A VERY necessary evil in many ways.

Should we be allowed to go and gawk t the animals? Well, it raises money it raises awareness and it has no doubt been the first inkling of a career or vocation to many a young vet, researcher, environmentalist.

As I say, necessary evil


I use this link many times in debates over hunting of animals. I have struggled to find a link to the case in the 80s where a bunch of animal rights activists bought a hunting estate in Scotland and banned all hunting. They were later prosecuted for cruelty to animals when the area became overpopulated and many animals starved to death. A deer cull was forcibly introduced to prevent further suffering.


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