Dirty Water tax in Fethiye
I would be grateful for comments regarding the above problem that several of us on our complex in Green Valley Deliktas encountered on our last visit this year.
We had a visit from the director of our building group who speaks good English.
Basically he said there was to be a bill demand for all us owners amounting to around 600TL as a one off charge tax for the new sewage system in the valley.I was asked to pay this whilst resident but refused as it was a fair chunk of money and I needed some kind of receipt as well as evidence of this charge before I paid.
They accepted that and I gave them my email address so they could email me the appropriate details upon my return to the UK.
There had been a rumour going round a year ago that the council in Fethiye had spent considerable funds on our new sewage drain the the valley and were looking to bill the residents to help with the cost.
SO is it a one off tax charge for sewage OR is it a council debt??
WHY should we be paying the builder and not the council direct??
Why do most other residents in the valley know nothing about it???
WHY have they not been approached???
It would appear that a few of the English have had discussions re this during holiday visits but NONE of our Turkish neighbours knew anything about it!!

On a side issue the question of Maintenance has been discussed and seems to have been set up with a few Turkish residents organising things in conjunction with the builder and our maintenance man. The rumour is a charge of about £21 per month which is fair enough BUT we have no accounts to go by and payment seems to be very hit and miss and disorganised.Some pay,some have never paid,some like us have a free term agreement until 2010 and the rumour is that the Turkish owners havent been approached let alone paid!!
I guess the language barrier plus the infrequent visits of the foreign owners dont help but do we just go with the flow and pay next year or stir it up to get a contract of some kind.
The Turkish way seems to be to ask for money from us Brits very politely without any evidence of anything to justify it??
It was a case of "Oh just pay it to the maintenance man!!" re both payments until we objected.
Any advice or help would be great.
We have our builders address and contact details and have visited their offices but everything is so damn wooly its frustrating. We come out for a fortnights holiday and spend 3 days fighting to get a leak repaired,discussing a fictitious tax for dirty water,and providing evidence we have a free maintenance contract!!!!
Doesnt anybody keep records??


Completely Chillaxed
Dirty Water tax in Fethiye
Contact FPS and ask him to do some digging on your behalf.

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